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How to Live Beautifully, According to Revolution Foods Founder Kirsten Saenz Tobey

Tobey tells us what makes her life beautiful and shares a moment that changed her life forever.

At Livingly, our goal is to help women live more beautifully every day — inside and out. We know beauty is deeper than a flawless wardrobe and makeup routine, it's also about inspiring women to be healthy, well-traveled, and to nurture their careers and relationships. So we're creating fun, engaging content to motivate readers to look and feel good too.

To celebrate the Livingy launch, we asked six inspiring women a series of five questions about what living beautifully means to them. Here's what we learned from Revolution Foods founder Kirsten Saenz Tobey.

How to Live Beautifully, According to Revolution Foods Founder Kirsten Saenz Tobey

Even before she was a mom, Kirsten Saenz Tobey wanted to bring healthy, affordable meals to schools. She and her business partner Kristin Groos Richmond (also pictured above) set out to "make an impact on the way kids eat in America today." From that idea, Revolution Foods came to be.

Now, a decade later, Tobey is a mom of three and Revolution Foods serves over one million freshly prepared meals every week to K-12 schools across the country. There's a retail product line too, which expands the Revolution Foods ideals from school lunches to family dinners and beyond.

Revolution Foods also educates school kids about nutrition so they want to make good choices when it comes to eating. "It's not just about making food healthier, it's about making it taste good and fun for kids. Making it engaging," Tobey said.

Tobey and her team continue to expand Revolution Foods and she says many of their plans come "from our own perspectives as moms now, we see so many different opportunities for making feeding your kids healthy an easier thing to do for parents."

Tobey shared with us what living beautifully means to her, what she's most proud of in her career, and the importance of creating balance in your life.

What does living beautifully mean to you?

Living beautifully is more of a feeling than an aesthetic. For me, it's about spending the right amount of time on work, family, for myself, and contributing to my community. Finding balance among those four areas of life makes me feel like I'm living a beautiful life.

What makes you feel most beautiful?

It's a simple equation of getting enough sleep and exercising regularly. Those two things make me feel  more comfortable in my own skin than anything else.

Kids have changed my life more than any other thing that I've done or been exposed to or experienced.

–Kirsten Saenz Tobey

When it comes to your accomplishments, what are you most proud of?

Professionally, it's starting Revolution Foods and having an impact on, now, hundreds of thousands of kids every day — giving them access to healthy, high-quality meals at school. For some kids, we're providing their only reliable meals of the day. Breakfast, lunch, and an after school supper are being provided to kids now who wouldn't have had that kind of fresh food available to them otherwise. Creating that access is something I'm very proud of and it's something we're continuing to expand, which is really exciting.

Describe one moment that changed your life forever.

Having kids. Kids have changed my life more than any other thing that I've done or been exposed to or experienced.

Give us a piece of advice you wish someone had told you earlier.

I think some of the best advice that I've gotten is you can't wait for a future goal to happen before you find the balance that you want to have. A lot of people say, "Well, once I accomplish this or reach this milestone then I'll start exercising more, or then I'll start a family, or then I'll do this." You sort of put things off into the future.

I've tried to absorb the advice — that you have to live the life you want to have today and not wait for some time in the future to find the right balance of work and life and family and self. If you can't feel good about the way you're juggling it all today, then something's got to shift.