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If You're Trying to Get Pregnant: Visit Your Doctor

If You're Trying to Get Pregnant: Visit Your Doctor

If you've been trying to get pregnant for a while then it could be time to visit your doctor. They can give you a general health check-up and do tests to check if there are any underlying problems facing you or your partner in terms of fertility.

If you've only just started to try for a baby then it is still a good idea to visit your doctor with your partner to have a check-up on both your medical histories and your general health. You can discuss any concerns you have about trying to conceive and they should be able to advise on lifestyle options and ways to boost your chances of conceiving.

When trying for a baby, visiting the doctor can sometimes feel like visiting the dentist when they tell you that you have been drinking too much coffee and haven't flossed enough.

But don't be scared of your doctor, if they tell you to give up your daily glass of wine or 10 a day cigarette habit, then it's all sound advice you should take. After all they're there to try and help you conceive more quickly.