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5 Ways to Make Yourself Actually WANT to Workout this Summer

Get motivated to move out of the comfort of your AC.

5 Ways to Make Yourself Actually WANT to Workout this Summer

There's working out because you feel like you have to then there's exercising because you want to. Both can get you to your fitness goals, but it's much more enjoyable when you actually look forward to a good sweat session, right?

Check out our tips for getting into the workout groove:

1. Give yourself a real reward.

Instead of dragging yourself to the gym because it's the "healthy thing to do" and you want to "look better at the beach," get motivated by giving yourself something real to look forward to. Whether it's a treat at the end of a workout or that cute pair of shoes you've been eying, a tangible reward can help trick your brain into believing all that sweating was worthwhile.

2. Take sweaty selfies.

You're used to snapping selfies when you're looking your very best, but how about capturing the moments of greatness when you're sweaty and exhausted? That's the kind of flawless to really be proud of. If you start to feel like you're at your best after a workout, you'll want to exercise more often. And you could even win big for celebrating your sweaty self. Fitness app BurnThis partnered with Reebok for the #BREAKYOURSELFIE campaign, which encourages you to share your post-workout snapshots this month for a chance to win a $500 Reebok gift card and a pair of customized YourReebok shoes. Who doesn't want free money for selfies?

3. Get out of your workout rut.

If the treadmill just isn't doing it for you anymore, there are TONS of ways to get your workout on without dying of boredom. Instead of hot yoga, take a swing at aerial yoga. If CrossFit isn't cutting it, try Amenzone's brand of "primal" fitness. If you're really looking to change it up, try ClassPass and get unlimited monthly access to classes at studios in their network.

4. Sign an exercise contract.

Still not feeling motivated? Perhaps you need some accountability. Try making a workout pact with your pals. You'll have support during your workouts and someone to answer to if you get lazy. If you want to be even more hardcore about it, you can create a goal — and then be held to it — on stickk.com. You can even set the stakes with cold hard cash, if you're so inclined.

5. Find a workout buddy.

Friends who workout together...keep working out together. Schedule your workout week with a pal that way you're not only bailing on your exercise time, you're standing up your workout buddy. Your body and your BFFs will thank you when you follow through.