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Farmbox Juice Launches Nationally Today

Farmbox Juice Launches Nationally Today(Courtesy: Farmbox Direct)Whether you're a city mouse or a country one, there's nothing like eating seasonal, farm-fresh, organic produce to nourish your body. But even those of us lucky to live near famers markets don't always have the time to while away an afternoon squeezing peaches and sampling fresh kale, or even head to the local juice bar. That's why we're so excited about Farmbox Direct, and the fresh produce delivery service's new line of organic, cold-pressed green juices (available nationally through GILT City), Farmbox Juice.

Each week, Farmbox Juice delivers customized, organic cold-pressed juices straight to your door, as well as a selection of infused teas and waters. A three-juice delivery costs $40, and you get to choose your trio from a scrumptious menu of Greens, Hydrate, Roots and Spicy. Delivery is free, and continues until you opt out.

Farmbox Juice Launches Nationally Today(Courtesy: Farmbox Juice) Founded in 2013 by Ashley Tyrner, a single New York mom raised on a farm in the Midwest who used to be on food stamps before working in the fashion industry, Farmbox Direct has quickly become the busy woman's go-to source for organic, seasonal and pesticide-free produce. The company delivers throughout New York, and via GILT City, across the nation.

Here's how it works: Simply open an account (with no obligation or charge), select one of three Farmbox sizes ($33–$55) based on the size of your household, and select and customize your box from a variety of options, including produce, all fruit or all veggies––with a maximum of five substitutions per box.

Whether you prefer to eat or drink your veggies, you're all set.

Farmbox Juice Launches Nationally Today(Source: Farmbox Juice, Blackberry Mint Infused Water)
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