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Workout Wednesday: Elisabeth Halfpapp's 'Turned Out V Thigh' Moves

The co-founder of Core Fusion at Exhale has a routine that'll give you ballerina's legs.

Workout Wednesday: Elisabeth Halfpapp's 'Turned Out V Thigh' Moves
(Source: Elisabeth Halfpapp)

Looking to shake up your fitness regimen? We've got influencers from the wellness world here to share their favorite workouts. Come back every Wednesday for a new exercise to try.

Who: Elisabeth Halfpapp, Co-Founder of Core Fusion at Exhale
Best fitness advice ever received: "Exercise, sweat, and move daily even if it is only ten minutes. Wish someone would have told me when I was younger in my ballet days to start my day with a balance breakfast to fuel yourself properly."
Favorite pre- or post-workout snack: "I brew fresh eastern Indian black tea leaves daily for my homemade ice tea and hot tea. It gives me balanced energy throughout the day. [I like] Kind Bars, especially the peanut butter and dark chocolate one because it has extra protein for energy duration. For breakfast, I love an organic hardboiled egg and whole grain sprouted wheat English muffin or bread. Post-workout [I eat] any dark leafy green vegetable, especially kale! I love quinoa and kale together! I also like baked salmon. I enjoy eating my biggest meal during the day, especially when I am teaching or teacher training in the evening. Lastly, Paul Newman’s Spelt Ginger Snaps—love my dessert every day during the day!"
Favorite workout gear: "Anatomie, Splits59, Nike , any bright colored patterned legging and Exhale's grippy socks."
Gym bag beauty essentials: "I carry a very small purse! Tata Harper or Exhale's tinted lip gloss, my iPhone, a small compact mirror, hair brush, Aveda hair spray and Clinique kohl eye liner."

Workout Wednesday: Elisabeth Halfpapp's 'Turned Out V Thigh' Moves
(Source: Exhale)

Workout Wednesday: Elisabeth Halfpapp's 'Turned Out V Thigh' Moves
(Source: Exhale)

Go-to exercise: Turned Out V Thigh at the barre or using a heavy chair
"This is one of my favorite barre leg exercises. Since it is done in a turned position, it will develop your leg muscles—it strengthens and elongates the quadriceps group, developing long, lean thighs and calves, helps to stabilize the knee joint, increases muscle density in quadriceps (doesn't bulk) for optimal caloric usage and will shed inches, making you leaner from the knee to the hip. Overall, this exercise results makes you more fit, because total body fat percentage is decreased as muscle density is increased.  The basic variation is good to rehab any knee issues. With this exercise you’ll strengthen one of the largest muscle groups of the body."


"Face the barre at arms’ length away, hands placed lightly on barre shoulder width apart.  Place your heels together and toes apart in a narrow 45 degree V position. Align shoulders over hips and ears over shoulders. Your hips, knees, and feet should be stacked on top of each other with turnout initiating from the hips."

•  Bend your knees about 5-6 inches. Raise your heels 2-3 inches off the floor, and  press your heels together. Soften elbows  of arms holding the barre.
•  Keep a neutral spine and abdominals pulled in.
•  Hold for 30 seconds.
•  Return to standing position.
•  Repeat pose 3 times.


 • Bend your knees deeper to feel more thigh engagement.
 • Lower 6 inches.
 • For a single count each, lower 2-3 inches in position for 20 reps.          
 • Perform 20 pulses.
 • Hold the position at the halfway point so that your thighs are in a challenging position.       
 • Balance and hold for 4 counts


• Begin from halfway hold position.
• For a single count each, lower 2-3 inches in position for 20 reps.
• Lower the full range of movement toward your heels (lowest point is always a few inches above heels) for 10 reps.
• Perform 20 pulses.
• Balance and hold for 4 counts keeping your knees bent and body in the challenging position of halfway down.