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Snooki Has Turned Into a Major Fitness Inspiration

How the reality star traded in partying for pumping iron.

Snooki Has Turned Into a Major Fitness Inspiration
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The world was first introduced to Nicole Polizzi, aka Snooki, on the first episode of Jersey Shore six years ago. Back then, she was an infamous party girl. Now, with ten seasons of reality TV under her belt, she's also a wife, mom to two kids, business woman and author. She's also become quite the fitness nut, constantly showing off her toned body and workouts on Instagram. In one photo, she's doing wall sits with 225 pounds of weight on her thighs. In another photo, she's flashing her guns and flat tummy just four months after having her second baby.

Her weight loss attracted media attention, naturally, but if you were to ask her what her "secret" is, she'd laugh. "All I say is I ate well and I worked out for a year," she explains. "There's no magic pill. I didn't do coke or anything crazy. I actually worked for it." Read on for a look at Polizzi's transformative routine.

In your book Baby Bumps, you wrote that you worked out 90 minutes a day. Have you kept that up?
"Now, it's 40 minutes because it's hard with two kids. I still do it with my trainer Anthony Michael. As of right now, I don't want to lose anymore weight, I want to actually gain two pounds of muscle, so I'm eating a lot of carbs, drinking more water. I'm weight training so I can gain more muscle."

What's your workout motivation?
"I just want to be able to run after my kids and not lose my breath while keeping up with them. Even though I'm still young, 27, it's hard. You have to be in shape to take care of kids—even just to carry them both up the stairs. If I carry Giovanna, then Lorenzo wants me to carry him too. So I have to carry both of them. She is almost 20 pounds, he's almost 30—it's like carrying free weights up the stairs!"

Snooki Has Turned Into a Major Fitness Inspiration
(Source: Instagram)

When did you get serious about your fitness goals?
"During my first pregnancy, I didn't do shit. I didn't work out, I ate whatever I wanted and gained, like, 50 pounds. That took a year and a half to lose. My second pregnancy is when I was the most fit I had been in my entire life. I worked out the entire time. I ate good still and splurged once in a while with ice cream here and there. I was working out but I did what I could and I ate the same—I gained the normal 25 to 30 pounds and when I had Giovanna, it basically fell off. It was way easier than the last time I had a kid."

Everyone asks me what I did to lose weight. I always say I ate well and I worked out for a year. There's no magic pill."

–Nicole Polizzi

Snooki Has Turned Into a Major Fitness Inspiration
(Source: Instagram)

What would you tell naysayers against working out while pregnant?
"They're idiots. Working out while pregnant is the best thing you could do for you and your baby. It helps with labor so much more. It's healthy for you. Obviously you can't do strenuous things but just doing appropriate things, it's the best thing ever."

What does your week of exercise look like?
"I usually just train with my trainer. It's all high endurance, strength training and not a lot of cardio because I'm trying to gain muscle."

How do you build up your strength?
"It took me a year and a half to do a pull up. It takes time, it's not an overnight thing. People get discouraged and that's why they stop. When I started training with Anthony, I couldn't lift five pounds. I was so weak. I never lifted anything. I never had any upper body strength. Now I'm lifting, like curling 30 pounds. You just have to train yourself."

Any kind of exercise you love?
"I used to love running, but now I can't do that. I just love weight training. I want to be really strong—like Hercules."

What's your go-to cheat meal?
"Oh my god, I love pizza. And french fries."

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A video posted by Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi (@snookinic) on

A video posted by Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi (@snookinic) on

A video posted by Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi (@snookinic) on