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Workout Wednesday: Lexi DuPont's 'Hop to It' Routine

Who needs a gym? This professional skier has exercises that take you to the great outdoors.

Workout Wednesday: Lexi DuPont's 'Hop to It' Routine
(Source: Lexi DuPont)

Looking to shake up your fitness regimen? We've got influencers from the wellness world here to share their favorite workouts. Come back every Wednesday for a new exercise to try.

Who: Lexi DuPont, professional big mountain skier
Best fitness advice ever received: "Always switch it up. Don't do the same workout everyday. Also, don't be scared to try new things. We all start as beginners. The only way to get stronger and to get better is by trying. Have fun with it and just keep moving!"
Favorite pre- or post-workout snack: "Before a workout, I like to make a green smoothie with lots of nutrients. I’ll include a banana as well as a handful of blueberries, a few strawberries and one table spoon of soaked chia seeds, which is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. I will also add one table spoon of ground flax seeds, one teaspoon of spirulina (for protein and more), a handful of spinach and a few Kale leafs as well as almond milk, coconut water and a splash of apple juice for sweetness. It is delicious and gives you tons of energy first thing in the morning. After a workout, I make sure to drink tons of water with a scoop of Progenex, a Belgian Chocolate flavored Recovery powder. It tastes great and helps your muscles recover quickly so they don't become soar which helps me get back at it the next day."

DuPont skiing.
DuPont skiing.
(Source: Lexi DuPont)

Favorite workout gear: "My favorite apparel is by far Eddie Bauer's new Motion collection including the Movement Racerback Tank Top and Movement Capris. The tank is lightweight and super comfortable. I wear it all the time and the colors and patterns go with everything! The Capri is awesome because it is made with FreeDry compression stretch fabric which stays dry when you start sweeting and overall, it moves super well with my body."
Gym bag beauty essential: "My gym bag beauty musts are Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel. I mix a few drops with water in a small spray bottle and spray my body from head to toe. It is refreshing, smells amazing and post workout, it helps break up the dirt and sweat. I also love Beyond Coastal's, Citrus Grove, Active Lip Balm to hydrate my lips and give them a nice glow after a hard workout."

Go-to Exercise Routine: “Hop To it” (1 hour)
"I love this workout because it gets me outside!! I always feel better after spending time outside, breathing fresh air and moving around. Also, it doesn't cost a thing while utilizing your own body weight to get strong!"

1. First step, get outside

2. Second, run, walk or hike two miles.

"Breath in the fresh air, forget about everything you did that day or have to do and focus on the present moment."

3. Take a break to do push-ups and sit-ups.

"Find a nice flat place to lie down in the grass and alternate between 10 push-ups and 20 sit-ups for three rounds. At the top of each sit-up, feel supported by the earth and root down through your sit bones and extend through your chest. At the top of each push-up, root down through the palm of your hands, making a solid strait line from the crown of your head extending through your spine and tail bone to your heals, engaging your abs and your glutes."

4. Child’s pose.

"Push back into child's pose for ten deep breaths. Rest your forehead on the grass, extend your arms in front of you and breath."

5. Get Moving again

"After that, get moving again and work out those legs with jump-ups or step-ups using a (safe) rock or bench. Do three sets of ten.  (If you are stepping, alternate between each leg.) Be sure to stand up strait, pushing your hips forward and squeeze your glutes at the top of each jump or step-up."

6. Lunges

"Do 15 walking lunges forward and then 15 walking lunges back. Keep your hands on your hips and make sure your back knee lightly taps the ground while your front knee stays directly above your front ankle. Keep your spine long and tall and pull your shoulders back."

7. Take a moment

"Lastly, take a moment for ten more deep breaths in the stretch of your choice and then run, walk, or hike the two miles home."

8. Don’t forget to smile

"Of course, don’t forget to smile and be grateful for your body and everything it does for you."