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You Haven't Seen a Weightloss Program Like This Before

Selvera creates a personal health coaching system made for tech-savvy consumers.

You Haven't Seen a Weightloss Program Like This Before
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These days, tracking nutrition and health on your smartphone is nothing new. It has helped users achieve goals by constantly being accessible where they look most—their phones. From experience, however, I can tell you that the process of food and exercise logging gets tedious You keep it up for a couple of months and eventually bounce right back to where you started, reversing any progress. What's the missing piece? Human connection. No matter how smartly designed an app is, it will never beat the one-on-one interaction between health experts and clients. Selvera, a weightloss program ($99/month), combines both individualized planning with accessible digital tools. 

When you first join you'll be matched with a registered dietitian who will customize a nutrition and exercise plan for you. You and the dietitian will make phone calls weekly or biweekly depending on your schedule. Next, you are sent a Withings wireless scale that tells you your weight, fat percentage and heart rate plus a Withings pulse fitness tracker that helps you keep on top of your activity goals. These all pair with Selvera's app. Your dietitian has access to your logs in order to effectively help you manage your weight loss. If you'd like even more guidance, you can also choose to take advantage of delivered meals. 

You Haven't Seen a Weightloss Program Like This Before
(Source: Selvera)

I was paired up with Amanda Foti, MS RDN, who over just two months helped dramatically change the way I think about food and guided me to a health routine that I can be proud of. Selvera operates on a "key" system that correlates food groups to nutritional value for easy meal planning. A 4oz piece of chicken, for example, is a single protein key. I aimed to eat five protein keys, five fiber keys and three healthy fat keys a day. You also get allotted some "discretionary" keys (I had three a week, for me that meant a cupcake every now and then) and alcohol keys so you never felt deprived.

Nothing beats the support you get when someone holds you accountable for your goal.

I looked forward to chatting with Amanda each week, debriefing my food choices and tackling challenges. I learned how to portion control, handle tough social situations, get back on track from a weekend of binging and resist snacking at home. Whenever I had plans to eat out at a restaurant, I simply emailed Amanda the menu and she'd suggest the healthiest picks. Whenever a question suddenly popped into my mind, I knew I could rely on reaching her through email quickly. I definitely struggled at times, flip-flopping on my weight loss as I tried to get a handle on some bad eating habits, but I'm happy to say I've lost around eight pounds and plan to keep going.

Together, Amanda and I developed habits that make my weight loss efforts more sustainable. Nothing beats the support you get when someone holds you accountable for your goal. When you have all these tools within reach, it's impossible not to reach success. 

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