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How Listening to Music Improves Your Workout

We've got a trainer-approved playlist for a 45-minute sweat sesh.

How Listening to Music Improves Your Workout
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Whether you're a professional athlete or just starting a fitness regimen, everyone has those moments during a workout when you just want to quit. If you're on your own, especially, it is all too easy to justify cutting exercise short. If you want to get the best out of you in every workout, there's one thing you need: good tunes.

"Music equals motivation," says personal trainer Seth Gottesdiener. "Listening to a song that has an amazing beat can get your heart pumping and body sweating. Just like in a nightclub, when you hear your favorite track come on, it excites you and makes you wanna move. Utilize this for your workout." Read on for more tips about using music to improve your workouts from the fitness expert.

Personal trainer Seth Gottesdiener
Personal trainer Seth Gottesdiener

How does what you listen to influence how you perform?
"It's said that people who listen to music oftentimes perform up to 15 percent better in the gym than people who don't. Upbeat tracks with higher BPMs—beats per minute—are great for cardio drills. Mid-range BPMs are perfect for floorwork."

What genre of music do you think is most motivational?
"My favorite type of music in the gym would be House. I think people have a misconception of good house music and confuse it with 'dance' or 'techno.' The tracks I enjoy the most are ones that have a catchy beat and bass line with a strong vocal. I also love hip-hop/R&B because of what good rhythm and timing it provides."

People who listen to music oftentimes perform up to 15 percent better in the gym than people who don't."

How do you create a good playlist for a workout?
"I usually start off with a treadmill or spin bike drill at the beginning of my workout followed by floor work and finish with some abs. My playlists start very energetic, go into some steady, solid jams and finish with a bang, creating a nice arc and flow to the playlist. Start strong, keep it steady and finish with a bang!"

Any headphones you love?
"I love my Yurbuds [$40]. I think they are one of the best athletic creations since the armband!"

Here's a playlist Gottesdiener provided for a 45-minute workout!