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Workout Wednesday: Jenn Seracuse's Cardio Walkouts

Workout Wednesday: Jenn Seracuse's Cardio Walkouts

(Art by Tanya Leigh Washington; Source: Jenn Seracuse)

Looking to shake up your fitness regimen? We've got influencers from the wellness world here to share their favorite workouts. Come back every Wednesday for a new exercise to try.

Who: Jenn Seracuse, director of FLEXPilates at FLEX Studios (she has also trained clients including Alessandra Ambrosio!)
Best fitness advice ever received: "Find your 'workout soul mate.' Find a workout that makes you happy and want to move your body. If you don’t love it, you won’t do it." 
Favorite pre- or post-workout snack: "I am obsessed with raw oatmeal right now. My favorite is from Juice Press ($8), but in an effort to save some time—and money—I have been making my own at home. The secret is soaking the steel-cut oats overnight in homemade cashew cream, which is blended cashews with a little honey and cinnamon. The result is a super creamy and tasty protein-packed meal that can fuel you before a workout or help you replenish after. It’s a two for one!"
Favorite workout gear: "Fun printed leggings and cropped muscle tees have been staples in my fitness wardrobe lately. I love pairing a loose muscle tee with a cool printed or strappy sports bra." 
Gym bag beauty essentials: "I love Fekkai Blowout Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo ($16). I also always keep a full bottle of water in my bag – I consider that a 'beauty essential!' I am a big fan of Essentia Water (12 for $31) because the bottle is large enough to fill once and sip throughout the day."

Go-to-Exercise: Cardio Walkouts (one minute and 15 seconds—add it into other cardio routines!)

"I am a class taker by nature, so my go-to is jumping into a class at FLEX Studios. But, when I am away from the studio, I love doing a mixture of Pilates and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). I alternate one total-body dynamic cardio move with one one core-focused, Pilates move. Here’s an example of a combination I rely on."

Workout Wednesday: Jenn Seracuse's Cardio Walkouts(Art by Kristina Rodulfo; Source: Jenn Seracuse)

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