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Workout Wednesday: Pauline Nordin's 'Strong & Lean in 15' Routine

Get your full-body strength training and cardio done in this fitness expert's favorite moves.

Workout Wednesday: Pauline Nordin
(Source: Live Life Lean)

Looking to shake up your fitness regimen? We've got influencers from the wellness world here to share their favorite workouts. Come back every Wednesday for a new exercise to try.

Who: Pauline Nordin, fitness expert, founder of Fighter Diet, Live Life Lean & The Butt Bible
Best fitness advice ever received: "It all comes down to how much you want it. If you want it you'll do what it takes."
Favorite pre- or post- workout snack: "Pre—a whey protein shake mixed with coffee and stevia. Post—oat bran with cinnamon and slivered almonds scrambled with egg whites."
Favorite workout gear: "Grey cotton leggings from American Apparel, double sport bras from Nike and Loose fit black cotton tank top for men by Russell Athletics."
Gym bag beauty essentials:  "Leather straps so I can lift heavy weights without losing my grip, wire free beats, New Balance Minimus sneakers and my iPhone for workouts notes."

Go-to exercise: "Strong & Lean in 15."
"When I am too busy to do a regular workout I can do this in minimal time with minimum equipment. Deadlifts is the king of full body shaping exercises and burpees is the master for cardio training with no machines or running tracks."

1. 111 burpees in as short time as possible 

2. three  x 10 reps deadlifts

3. 100 decline sit-ups 
4. Three x 10 reps push presses
5. three x 10 reps jump squats with weights