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Brooke Burke-Charvet's Tips for New Year's Fitness Resolutions

The TV host talks keeping up with workout goals, exercising despite a packed schedule and sweating in style.

(Source: Caelum)

If you ever thought there was such a thing as being too busy to exercise, take a look at Brooke Burke-Charvet for inspiration. She's been a TV host for several programs (including ABC's Dancing With the Stars, in which she also competed), is an author on parenting and wellness, and a fitness industry mogul with several workout DVDs and an activewear line, Caelum—on top of being a mom to four. All that, and she still makes time to workout.

We chatted with Brooke to kickstart 2015 with tips you can keep in mind to fulfill those fitness resolutions—no excuses!

 What do you think is the key to keeping up with fitness goals?
"I firmly believe you have to be stronger than your excuses and keep your goals front and center. There's nothing better than reaching milestones and feeling a sense of accomplishment." 

What is your advice for getting over the anxiety of starting a fitness regimen?
"Making a commitment with a friend, signing up for a gym membership, purchasing a DVD, signing up for a workout class are all really helpful to keep you honest. I also think women need to mix up their workouts, set reasonable goals and make the commitment to start. Every workout has something different to offer."

Brooke Burke-Charvet's Tips for New Year's Fitness Resolutions
(Source: Caelum)

How can stylish gym gear empower people to stay fit? 
"I always say if you are going to sweat to do it in style. I created Caelum, derived from the acronym that defines the brand—'create, accomplish, evolve, live, uplift and motivate'—for women with active, on-the-go lifestyles. I also believe that fitness is fashion! This line was inspired by seasonal colors and current fashion trends so women can have fun when they are pulling their fitness wardrobe out of their closet!"

What are your favorite pieces to wear while working out?
"My favorite picks from Caelum are the strappy bra, the Andrea legging and the Isis cocoon sweater. I'm obsessed with vibrant printed leggings."

What are your gym bag beauty essentials? 
"A Baboosh body wrap for tummy trimming ($35), an iPod with my booty burn playlists, a Caelum hoodie, headphones, Aquaphor ($14) and a stop watch."

'Athleisure' is a popular trend lately. What's your favorite way to wear activewear outside of the gym?
"I wear leggings with boots and sweaters. I layer strappy bra tops under off-the-shoulder sweatshirts and T-back shirts."

What has been your most difficult fitness hurdle and how did you overcome it?
"Making sure I carve out a fitness hour five times a week. There's no secret, I just do it. Because I'm worth it."

"You have to be stronger than your excuses and keep your goals front and center."

–Brooke Burke-Charvet

Who is your fitness inspiration?
"Jane Fonda."

What is your favorite way to stay fit?
"I do a Pilates Plus class once a week, and then I teach my booty burn class three times a week if I’m not working. My booty burn class is a total-body workout. It's all about the sweat and burn. We work to fatigue in 30 seconds, one-minute pods, dance, sculpt and lose ourselves in my fave rhythmic playlists. It's a safe place to push yourself to your personal limit and be inspired by other women striving to be their fittest selves. It's a community sweat, we push each other and celebrate our challenges and accomplishments. I've never worked out harder, had more fun or seen better results. My Booty Burn class is inspired by my 30 Day Slim Down DVD series ($10)." 

Considering your busy schedule, how do you make time for working out?
"I schedule my exercise like I schedule everything else in my life. You’ve got to block out time for yourself, it’s about making a commitment and sticking to it."