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Recipe to Try: Protein Powder Chocolate Mousse

Recipe to Try: Protein Powder Chocolate Mousse (Source: Aloha)When you think of protein powder, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the giant jar with aggressive block lettering in every body builder's pantry. Powders are meant to be nutritional supplements. It's a way to add more protein to your diet, usually to help replenish and build muscle. Most protein powders out there taste less than stellar and are based on animal-sourced whey and soy. Aloha, a new vegan brand of plant-based protein powders, is now changing the game with its all-organic ingredients and delicious flavor.

Aloha won our interest with its dedication to eradicating anything artificial—colors, flavors, additives or sweeteners—from its gluten- and dairy-free formula. It is also made sustainably, created in the US without soy nor GMOs. As if that's not enough to wrap your head around, a serving of Aloha premium protein contains up to 18 grams of protein thanks to organic ingredients such as sacha inchi seeds, pumpkin seeds, cacao beans and peas. Their secret? A patented infrared drying process that retains nutrients from the plant sources.

The premium protein tin (14 servings for $39) comes in two blends: chocolate and vanilla. We had the pleasure of testing out the chocolate flavor, creatively mixed into a mousse. You can get Aloha protein here and try the mousse recipe by chef Jeannine Nujic, below.

Protein Powder Chocolate Mousse
by Chef Jeanine Nujic for Aloha

Recipe to Try: Protein Powder Chocolate Mousse

2 Ripe avocados 
5 Tbsp raw cacao powder 
3 Scoops ALOHA Premium Protein Chocolate 
1 Tbsp pure vanilla extract 
3 Pitted dates 
1/2 Cup coconut milk
2–3 Tbsp raw coconut nectar 

Add all ingredients into your blender, liquids first, and blend until smooth. If the texture turns out too thick, add some more coconut milk; if too liquid, add more ALOHA protein and/or avocados.

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