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Workout Wednesday: Laurel Lippard's Hill Sprints

Strengthen your legs with this four-step routine.

Workout Wednesday: Laurel Lippard's Hill Sprints
(Source: Laurel Lippard)

Looking to shake up your fitness regimen? We've got influencers from the wellness world here to share their favorite workouts. Come back every Wednesday for a new exercise to try.

Who: Laurel Lippard, human performance coach, personal trainer, Paragon Athletics
Best fitness advice ever received: "Find something that you love to do, and the motivation will come naturally. I live in a small, mountain town where there are endless opportunities to find something fun to do for exercise. We have amazing biking, climbing, running, and skiing. Chances are, amazing things are going on wherever you are. Simply get involved in an activity: sign up for a race, join a soccer team, or learn to roller skate. Whatever it is, get involved!"
Favorite pre- or post-workout snack: "If I am doing something highly exhausting, I fuel up on bacon, eggs, and a sweet potato-zuchinni hash. On the go, I love Artisana Organic Foods nut butter packs—cashew is my favorite, it tastes like heaven! and GT's Enlightened Kombucha. The gingerade is my favorite flavor, and it promotes a healthy gut!"
Favorite workout gear: "In my opinion, it's all about the shoes! I am a firm believer in a flat shoe—zero drop, or no lifted heel—and so I wear the Merrell Barefoot Pace Glove 3. It is an awesome shoe that allows the foot to move naturally and work like a foot should. If I am running outdoors, I wear the Altra lone peak trail runner. And if I am running or hiking on snow, I wear my Kahtoola Microspikes over my shoes for traction. That way I can run on anything! But don't get me wrong, I also love a good pair of capri workout tights, like the Lululemon Run Inspire Crop II Tights."
Gym bag beauty essential: "Alba Botanica sea mineral cleansing gel and hawaiian moisture cream. After a very sweaty workout I like to wash off the grime and rehydrate my skin!"

Workout Wednesday: Laurel Lippard's Hill Sprints
(Source: Laurel Lippard)

My go-to exercise routine: Hill sprints (20 - 25 minutes)
"Running on an incline is a quick way to get a powerful, tough workout in. You can spend just 20 to 25 minutes on this workout, and feel exhausted afterwards. If you are lucky enough to have a hill or mountain close to you, use it! I run our local mountain year round; if there is snow I simply slip on my Kahtoola Micropikes over my shoes for traction. If you don't have a hill, get on a treadmill and put the incline setting to the max!"

1. Warm up for 5 minutes with a mixture of jogging, squatting, and lunging.

2. Sprint 100 meters uphill (Focus on pushing off of the balls of the feet, lean into the hill, and exaggerate your arm swing).

3. Jog back down for recovery.

4. Repeat the sprint and jog recovery 8 to 10 times.