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What's Her Secret: Tiffany Masterson

The Drunk Elephant skincare line founder talks organization, connection and making time for yourself.

Source: Tiffany Masterson, Art by Tanya Leigh Washington

Tiffany Masterson, founder of the non-toxic Drunk Elephant skincare line, shares thoughts on organization, connection and putting yourself first in order to be there for others.

What does wellness mean to you? "The way I live my life is really just staying connected and balanced; that's when I feel well and strong and confident. Just being in a strong connection with yourself and your body, your emotions, family, loved ones, spirituality, career—all of those things that make up your life. When you're feeling in control of all of those things and you have a good balance. Like when I'm exercising on a regular basis, when I'm eating right, working productively, when I can finish my day and spend time with my family and friends who are important to me, that's when I feel the strongest and what wellness really is to me."

What's Her Secret: Tiffany Masterson
Source: Tiffany Masterson

What are some of the tools in your daily life to maintain that balance? "I'm a self-motivator, but I give myself a structure every day. When I'm in town, my husband and I definitely help each other and trade off, but it's waking up, making sure the kids are off to school, driving the carpool, and then when I'm back home, I have a certain amount of hours to devote to work, working out and taking care of the house. I don't go to an office, but I might as well, because from a certain time to a certain time, that is what I'm doing. And I have a certain time of day that I work out, and I don't deviate from that. And once I'm back from picking up the kids from carpool, and they're home, I'm theirs for several hours, then we have dinner and I love to cook and do things with them and get involved in the details of their lives. And of course, my husband's there and he's helping a ton. At night when they're off to sleep, I'm working again. It's just self-discipline to make sure you can balance all of that. And when I have to travel, I know I have people in place to help me with all of that."

What's Her Secret: Tiffany Masterson
Source: Tiffany Masterson

Sounds like organization is the key for you. 
"[But] I can't be so strict every day because you have to allow yourself some flexibility, otherwise you'll never be able to accomplish all that on an ongoing, long-term basis. If you put too much pressure on yourself...you have to find time for yourself. I know everyone says that, but you have to! Thirty minutes of exercise, for me, just changes the whole tone of my evening. So once I've done what I need to do for myself, I can be fully balanced for them."

What's your exercise regime like? "I meet with my trainer every six weeks. He gives me a routine, and I go off and do it for six weeks. Cardio for three days a week and weightlifting for four days a week; two days legs, two days arms. I have the routine written down on my phone and he gives it to me and I do it, then I meet with him six weeks later and he gives me a new routine. It's great for me because I can do it on the road, as I travel a lot for work."

Your line is known for its safe ingredients. Have you always been passionate about clean living? "I've always been interested in clean everything. I never thought I would end up in this career but I've always loved taking care of my skin and trying different things. I'm kind of a health nut that way. I developed a lot of my skincare products in my kitchen!"

If you had to offer the world three pieces of advice, what would they be? "Always take care of yourself first by eating right, exercising, accomplishing your daily personal goals, so that you can be fully present and ready at the end of the day for your family and loved ones who need you to be the best, happiest version of you. Remove the toxins from every area that you can, including relationships, diet and, of course, skincare. Keep things as healthy and positive as possible because it’s very easy to get derailed by toxicity. Go easy on yourself and make sure that your wellness routine is flexible and realistic—setting the bar too high can set you up for something unsustainable. Just do the best you can and let that be enough."