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20 Reasons Girls With Short Hair Run the World

Here's 20 reasons why girls with short hair are basically epic in Every. Single. Way.

If you've ever been daring enough to lop off your locks you'll know exactly what we're talking about when we say girls with short hair effing rule at life. They're cool, they're low maintenance and man alive do they know how to party. Here's 20 reasons why girls with short hair run the world and are basically epic in Every. Single. Way.

When have you ever met a short haired girl who's not totally effing cool? Annoyingly cool. Can pull off tattoos and a vest kinda cool? Sassy doesn't even begin to cut it.

She's brave, she's badass and she's ballsy but even that doesn't do her justice. Here's 20 reasons why girls with short hair run the freaking universe.

1. They don't get hung up on bad hair days

Bad hair days don't exist in their world, if anything that slept in rugged sticking up everywhere style is the desired look and they don't even have to do anything to get it. Rather than waking up, applying makeup and then pretending they woke up like dis they actually did wake up like DIS. Honest girls you see. Gotta love them.

2. They know how to party

They're the type of girls who don't need to say 'partay' to convince you that they know how to party. They are the party.

20 Reasons Girls With Short Hair Run the World

3. No random balls of hair

In the shower, in your bed sheets, in your butt crack (it happens guys, get over it), nope, not happening here. Just gorgeous choppy locks staying exactly where they're meant to.

4. She takes half the time to get ready

Estimated time of arrival... BANG ON TIME. She's got her ten minute routine down pat.

5. She's not afraid to take risks

It's only hair after all, it'll grow back #marryhermarryhernow

20 Reasons Girls With Short Hair Run the World
Instagram/Lauren Conrad

6. She'll support you in all your crazy decisions

She's the type of girl that would have far more fun talking you into jumping headfirst out of a plane when you're afraid of heights, than talking you out of it. She just loves adrenaline, this one.

7. She doesn't care about topknots

She doesn't get the hype. Why does it feel so good to put your long hair up in a ridiculous ball on top of your head and watch Doritos fall into your lap, why?

8. She knows how to be creative

Ever tried growing short hair out? That girl deserves a medal.

9. She'll always be likened to this girl #chuffedboyfriend

20 Reasons Girls With Short Hair Run the World
Getty Images

10. Her hair doesn't get in the way when it counts

You know when gravity has this tendency to make your hair go in places it should NEVER go at the most unfortunate of times? Well, that doesn't happen. Just plain sailing sexy time unspoiled by fumbling for a hairband. Result.

11. She knows how to rock her figure

Because short hair shopping is a thing. She knows exactly how to work her bod and she'll make sure you know all about it. Total. Fox.

12. She'll never talk you out of a new do

It'll take more than the threat of a skinhead to frighten her, boyo. Better up your game.

20 Reasons Girls With Short Hair Run the World

13. She's got the most amazing features

You've gotta have a face for short hair to pull off short hair. She's. Got. It. All.

14. Hairdressers love her

Stylists will give anything to have her in their diary. Reinvention says confidence and she's got it in spades.

15. She's comfortable in her own skin

And she doesn't need to wrap herself up in mounds of hair to show it. That's hot.

16. She can turn heads without trying

She's proud to be bending gender norms. Short haired girls can be feminine too y'all and she'll happily have that debate with you all day long.

20 Reasons Girls With Short Hair Run the World

17. She's dedicated

A short hair do takes less time in so many ways but trims? They become a weekly occurrence. Unless...

18. She's a dab hand with a pair of scissors

Okay, so it sounded much better in our heads but we'll roll with it. No one can afford weekly trips to the salon, she can snip away at her own leisure and no one will ever know a thing. Clever. Stick.

19. She's LM (Low Maintenance)

She's too high on life to worry herself over Tangle Teezers and GHDs.

20. Because every short haired girl that's ever lived is pretty damn GROOL

But she probably doesn't know what that means because she didn't spend every Saturday of her teens watching Mean Girls. Like the rest of us.

Originally published by Lareese Craig