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Braid of the Day: How to DIY Willow Shields' Braided Bun

Braid of the Day: How to DIY Willow Shields' Braided Bun
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Willow Shields knows a thing or two about making messy hairstyles look ultra-pretty—the young actress plays Primrose Everdeen (yes, little sis to Katniss, one of our all-time favorite braid connoisseurs) in The Hunger Games.

The stunning hazel-eyed starlet—can you believe she's only 12!—took her hair know-how right out of District 12 and onto the Breaking Dawn - Part 2 red carpet this week. Love her tag-team braided bun? Read on for our fool-proof steps on how to update a classic ballet style a la the lovely Shields.

Braid of the Day: How to DIY Willow Shields' Braided Bun
Step 1: The key to Shields' wispy style is that her hair is sleek and straight. Start off the look by straightening 1-inch sections of hair, spritzing strands with heat-protecting spray as you go.

Celebrity hairstylist Terrie V. Owen—who styles Amy Poehler's tresses on Parks & Recreation!—swears by White Sands Liquid Texture Thermal Styling Spray Soft Hold ($19 at whitesandsproducts.com) because it gives hair the perfect amount of hold, heat protection, and shine without weighing it down.

Step 2: Using a fine-toothed comb, create a sharp part down the side, separate the top portion of your hair and clip it off to the side—this will be the section you later braid back. Take the remaining strands and pull them into a ponytail. Secure with a small elastic.

Step 3: Begin French braiding the sectioned-off strands—once you reach the base of your ponytail, secure the braid in place with a bobby pin. Try to tuck the pin into the elastic, if you can, to keep it hidden.

Step 4: Now, split your ponytail into two pieces. Tuck the first-half into the elastic to create a messy bun (the sloppier, the chicer in this case). Separate the second-half into three strands, braid them together, and wrap the plait around the base of the bun, making sure to hide the elastic and end of the other plait. Finish the whole thing off with a spritz of hairspray and you're done!

How do you update a basic bun at home? Share your secrets in the comments below!
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