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Use THIS Hair Accessory to Jazz Up a Simple Chignon

Use THIS Hair Accessory to Jazz Up a Simple Chignon
(Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America)

When wearing a plain outfit, you'd dress it up with accessories, right? Why not do the same for a rather simple hairstyle?

Check out the oversize chignon Zoe Saldana wore recently. When we came across these snaps of the gorgeous actress at the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards Nominations in Beverly Hills earlier this month, we couldn't help but wonder what was missing... She looked pretty and perfectly polished as usual, but her big bun just looked incredibly basic. Then it hit us—a couple of crystal-encrusted hair sticks would have really livened her entire look up.

Think of hair sticks as trumped up bobby pins; from tortoise chopsticks to bejeweled forks, they'll hold your bun in place while decorating your 'do, making it interesting to look at from the side and the back.

Think you might need a few in your styling kit? You'll find a variety of sizes, colors, and designs over on Amazon and Etsy. And don't forget to peruse our holiday guide to glitzy hair accessories for a glam night out, right here.
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