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Trust Us, This Braid Only Looks Hard

We've got the perfect party plait for your next night out.

Trust Us, This Braid Only Looks Hard
(Source: Dana Burke, Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)

Next time you're looking to spice up your hair for a night out, look no further than this twisted triple braid from Mizu salon hairstylist Judy McGuiness. This mixture of simple three-strand brands and stylish twists only looks difficult, we promise. Follow along and get your strands ready for a night out.

Trust Us, This Braid Only Looks Hard
(Source: Dana Burke, Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)

Step 1: Prep the hair with R +Co Dallas Thickening Spray ($28), focusing the product at the roots.

Step 2: Separate the top portion of your hair into three sections. Keep one portion on top of the head and two on the sides above the ears.

Step 3: Create a Dutch braid, or inverted French braid, on the righthand side. Tie off with an elastic at the end and let hang.

Step 4: Repeat the step for the middle portion of hair. Tie off with an elastic and let hang.

Step 5: Continue the same step for the lefthand portion of hair. For extra pizzaz, we tied colored elastics at various portions throughout the length of each braid.

Step 6: Take the three braided sections and braid together using a simple three-strand braid technique.

Step 7: The three braids should be weaved together and tied off in an elastic. Section the remaining unbraided hair into three sections: two on the sides and one in the middle.

Step 8: Take the left portion of hair and twist inward across the head. Pin off behind the right ear with a bobby pin.

Step 9: Repeat the previous step with the righthand portion of hair and pin behind the left ear with a bobby pin.

Step 10: Take the remaining section of hair and split it in two. Twist one portion of hair.

Step 11: Take the twisted section of hair and wrap it around the last hanging portion of hair.

Step 12: Tie off the twist with an elastic. Add colored elastics to the twisted tail to add color.

Step 13: Fatten up the braids by tugging at them gently and loosening them up.

Step 14: Enjoy your rockin' braid from all angles!