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Hairstyle Hacks: 16 Tricks To Cheat Your Bad Hair Day

From rinsing your bangs to embracing your boho and swapping glamor for grime, here are the hairstyle hacks you need to know about.

1. Wear a headband

If you can’t wash it, wrap it. A scarf can hide a multitude of sins. Just a headscarf and a whole lot of sass.

2. Dry shampoo

Texture is everything. Talc, volumizing powder at the roots and dry shampoo. Make them part of your hair arsenal ASAP.

3. Avoid straighteners

Ever run a flat iron over your greasy hair? Massive mistake. Not only does it smell funky but it’s a surefire way to fry your hair.

Hairstyle Hacks: 16 Tricks To Cheat Your Bad Hair Day

4. The quick wash

We all know how oily bangs can get. Don't let fringe freak-outs put you off; there is a fast fix. Just spritz your bangs with a spray bottle of water, shampoo and blow dry. Takes five minutes! Simple.

5. The wet look

When your hair is massively overdue for a deep cleanse but you've got zero time to style it, spray some water on there, comb it back and act like you invented the wet look. #wethairdon'tcare

Hairstyle Hacks: 16 Tricks To Cheat Your Bad Hair Day

6. Rock your roots

Throw on a shift dress and make like boho is what you were born to do. After all, the Olsen twins wouldn’t be seen on the front row without a bit of regrowth. If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em.

7. Don’t overplay

Too much touch and you’re basically giving your hair follicles the green light to produce more oil. Once you’ve decided on a style, stop touching and put down your hairbrush.

8. Slick it

Thank god Nicole Scherzinger made the slick-back ponytail a thing. This one-minute hairstyle hack saves you some serious shower time and it pulls everything north for a flawless feline look. Meow.

9. Top knot

The miracle worker. Take bad hair days in your stride and adopt the top knot technique. Brownie points for using just your hand to comb it back into a bun. Messy rules.

Hairstyle Hacks: 16 Tricks To Cheat Your Bad Hair Day

10. Clip and go

Nine times out of ten your bangs will be behind your bad hair day. If you can't cover them up or stick them down with a baggy beanie then just roll them up and secure with a pin. It's like your forehead can finally breathe again.

11. The lazy fishtail

Just twist your hair into a slouchy fishtail and sleep in it for days. No one will ever know you're scrimping on shampoo!

12. Sea salt spray

If your hair is looking seriously lackluster why not give it the surf treatment with some sea salt spritzing? Fixes the flyaways AND disguises dirt. We're obsessed.

Hairstyle Hacks: 16 Tricks To Cheat Your Bad Hair Day

13. Bobby pin twist

It's amazing what a sliding bobby pin can do for a bad hair day. Working with a middle parting, twist a strand either side away from the face and pin. Voilà. One festival-approved hairdo.

14. The disheveled chignon

Take this Hollywood classic and give it the modern shake-up. It's less chignon chic, more beautiful bird's nest. But it works.

15. The braided knot

Usually we'd be cursing the knots in our hair but this is one loop to be thankful for. Divide your hair into two and gently tie into a knot. Double up and twist into a gorgeous bun. No need for a sock here.

16. Sweep over

A comb over might not be your signature style, but it'll soon be your guilty pleasure. Hide all signs of a greasy part by flipping your hair over to one side and finishing with a chunky braid. Fluff up your roots with baby powder and you're done. Your secret's safe with us.

Originally published by Lareese Craig