Guest Editor Nicky Hilton

Nicky dishes on everything from her new collection to anti-aging and what she really thinks about sister Paris' style!
Nicky is making a name for herself as a fashion entrepreneur. And like any talented businesswoman, she represents for her brand—a collection of Deco-inspired baubles called Nicholai by Nicky Hilton. See how Nicky wears the jewels of her own creation!
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Nicky told StyleBistro editors that Kérastase Nutritiv shampoo is ideal for her fine hair and says beware of extra products—they just weigh her down. Check out Nicky's best styles for fine, thin hair!
Want to win Nicky's favorite bauble inspired by her childhood home? Of course you do! Here's how.
Before she became known for her jewelry line and spot-on street style, Nicky Hilton experimented with a wide range of looks. From colorful to daring to vintage sophisticate, check out Nicky's stylish transformation!
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At 5-foot 7-inches, Nicky doesn't let being tall stand in the way of rocking seriously sky-scraping heels. Follow her footsteps in nude Maniacs and sequined Louboutins!
by Sasha
You heard right: Hiltons get split ends too. Nicky lets us in on her skin and haircare secrets!
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Nicky told us that "70s revival" is her go-to summer look. Check out her favorite groovy pieces!
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This jewelry designer and aficionada doesn't leave home without a generous helping of jewelry. From her own collection to Cartier, see Nicky's best baubles!
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While some gals may start with a terrific pair of shoes, Nicky builds her outfits starting with the clothes. And she's got quite a collection. Check out Nicky's best new and vintage threads!