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Exclusive Interview: Giuliana Rancic, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor

Giuliana+Rancic in Woman's Day 8th Annual Red Dress Awards
E! personality Giuliana Rancic (Getty Images)more pics » Exclusive Interview: Giuliana Rancic, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor Giuliana Rancic
The queen bee of E! News needs no introduction—Giuliana Rancic has been the face of the network's red carpet coverage since 2006 and currently dishes the sartorial dirt as a cohost on Fashion Police with Joan Rivers and Kelly Osbourne. But Giuliana doesn't stop there: She and her hubby have their own reality TV series, Giuliana and Bill, and in 2010 she launched her own women's health and beauty site, FabFitFun.

All this way more than qualifies Giuliana as a StyleBistro guest editor, non? We're so glad you agree.

When StyleBistro sat down with Giuliana to gab about all things fashion, beauty, diet and travel, we found her expectedly savvy and as chatty as ever. The fashion policewoman dished on everything from reversible jeans to going vegan and even named-dropped a few of her best and worst dressed celebs. Take a peek at a bit of our interview with Giuliana Rancic below, and catch the rest of her fashion and beauty tips and tricks here!

SB: Your father is a master tailor and your family owns a men's clothing store. Does style run in the dePandi genes?
Yeah, definitely. We're from Naples, Italy—I moved here when I was little. My dad has been working in tailor shops since he was 10. He's a master tailor. I grew up watching him all the time at his store, where I used to work answering phones and helping out, and he would be in the back doing alterations and custom things for clients. He's 73 now and he still goes in everyday. He has a store in Roscoe, Maryland. But now he travels around and does trunk shows for these wealthy guys who want gorgeous custom handmade suits from Italy. It's pretty cool and I help him put those on—Bill and I will sometimes go and help him out. It's fun. I think it definitely rubbed off me.

SB: As a kid, did you ever think you'd work in fashion?
No, it's funny, not really to be honest. Growing up, I loved dressing up but I loved funny outfits. I have a sister who's five years older than me—she's the most incredible fashionista...I think watching her and the way she dressed definitely rubbed off on me. She was so ahead of her time when it came to fashion, that she would tell me about trends and I would wear certain things to school and all the kids would make fun of me because they were way too fashion forward—like a season too early. I remember I was always wearing sparkly Superga tennis shoes and capri pants. All the kids would make fun of me, but a year later they were all wearing the same outfits. I did love fashion growing up, but I never thought I'd work in it. I didn't think you could make a living doing what I'm doing.

SB: Who are your favorite designers?
On E! News, I lean more toward clothes that are attainable to the viewers. I wear a lot of Forever 21 and H&M, BCBG and Bebe—things from Bloomingdales as opposed to Barneys so that viewers can go out and get them. [In my off time] I like to mix and match. Right now I'm working with Speigel, so I'll wear a great Speigel tweed jacket with a Chanel bag and some really nice slacks. I try to wear high-end and more affordable clothes in the same outfit because I really don't think that you need to dress designer head-to-toe to look good. I actually think that's a little irresponsible these days; it's such a waste of money. I think that one good designer piece suffices. It's so much cooler if you can find good [affordable] pieces and mix them with one great expensive piece...a quilted leather Chanel bag, or a really great cashmere sweater, or a beautiful tailored blazer by Chloe—something that lasts 10 seasons.

SB: What are you wearing this spring?
I'm really into white. I just bought a great white blazer, a white pantsuit and a flowy white dress that I can wear every day with flip flops. Now that spring and summer are back, I think it's all about wearing white from head to toe. The only warning, you have to have some color to do it. If you are on the paler side, it's just a matter of getting a spray tan. Nothing crazy, but a little bit of a glow. With makeup, you can use a bronzier color on your cheeks and eyes to make the look work.

SB: What celebrity would you love to trade closets with?
I love Kate Bosworth's style. I just think her look is so effortless. I'd probably say Kate Bosworth's day wardrobe and Blake Lively's nighttime wardrobe. [Blake] gets such great stuff and I just love the dresses that she wears. And the shoes—she's always wearing the best Louboutins.

SB: What's it like working with Joan Rivers on Fashion Police?

Amazing! We don't see her script ahead of time, so we have no idea what she's going to say. Kelly [Osbourne] and I just hold on to each other for dear life when one of her jokes is coming because we're, like, 'Oh god, is this when we lose it?' There are points when I'm like, I gotta go! I have to walk off the set because she's just too much for me to handle. She's just incredible. She's more in the know when it comes to celebrities and gossip and fashion than girls a fourth her age. It's pretty unbelievable. What I love the most about her, aside from her humor, is her professionalism. I've never seen anyone come more prepared than Joan or take the job more seriously. She's inspirational.

SB: Does she ever comment on your clothing?
She does! Joan is such a pro, though. When I come out and we're shooting in five minutes, she knows I'm not going to be able to change. So we do the show, and she knows it's not the end of the world. We wear misses too—so what, it's one show. It's kind of like how I feel about celebrities: One day you can have the biggest nightmare outfit on the red carpet but redeem yourself the next week. One week I think you're the worst dressed; the next week I think you're the best dressed. It's alright. I think to be a true fashionista, you have to be on worst dressed lists as much as you're on best dressed lists. But what I love about Joan is she's not the type of person who's going to tell you look like shit and make you feel insecure the whole time you're on the show. But what she'll do—and she'll never say I look bad—at the end of the show, I'll know she likes my outfit when she whispers to me, 'You should keep this outfit. This is a great one.' And then sometimes, I'll give her an air kiss goodbye and she'll say, 'Leave this one in the wardrobe room.' I'll go, 'Oh, okay. Thanks, Joan!'

SB: What's the most common mistake you see women make on the red carpet?
One of the most common mistakes is they don't dress their age. The young girls dress too old, and the older girls dress too young. That's probably one of the saddest one but, you know, I've been a victim of that before. I remember I went to cover the High School Musical premiere with Zac Efron, and I showed up in this horrible outfit that was just not age appropriate. And I thought, you know, just because I'm going to the High School Musical premiere does not mean I should be dressing like I'm 18. I'm in my 30s, get a grip. But sometimes I'll go to interview some of the classics in Hollywood, like Meryl Streep or Helen Mirren, and I'm wearing like a three-piece suit and I look like a school marm and I think, 'What am I doing? Be true to yourself.'

SB: What is your favorite outfit you've ever worn?
I loved my Golden Globes dress. Zac Posen sent it to me and it was beautiful. I never wear black on the red carpet because it gets lost, but this dress was just so beautifully made and had such a gorgeous structure to it. The way it draped was perfect, and it really popped on the red carpet. But it wasn't as good as getting a bouquet of flowers with a note from Zac the next day that said, 'You looked beautiful in my dress. Love, Zac.' I was dying. [To her assistant] Sarah, didn't I save it? It's on my desk, propped against a picture of Bill and me.

SB: Who are your style icons?
Definitely I'd say Sophia Loren. She's from Naples, where I'm from, and I just think she's amazing. I think Brigett Bardot is the sexiest woman. I could never look like her but I just admire her; I think she's so gorgeous the way she dressed. She was so hot. Everyone would have to agree Jackie O.—amazing! You could take an old picture of Jackie O. and replicate her outfit head to toe and, somehow, you just don't look like her. And why? I'm wearing little flats and little capri pants and a little turtleneck. Why can't I look like her?! You know? That's why she's a style icon, because she's one in a billion.

Pretty fab, non? But we're not giving it all away just yet. Click here for all the dirt on Giuliana's hardcore diet regimen plus her picks for the best and worst dressed celebrities!

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