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5-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas That Are Affordable And Sweet

Let them know you would say "I do" all over again with traditional 5-year anniversary gifts made from wood.

If you and your partner are committed to honoring wedding anniversary gift-giving traditions, or you're buying an anniversary gift for a couple who is, you might be struggling with what to choose as a five-year wedding anniversary gift. The five-year anniversary gift is traditionally made of wood to symbolize the strength of the union. Not sure where to start looking? If you're searching for five-year wedding anniversary gifts that are both affordable and sweet, these 11 gift ideas have got you covered. 

Wood is strong, solid, and doesn't buckle under pressure. By the time you've reached five years of marriage you've likely weathered some bumps in the road and emerged stronger than ever. This is why people gift each other with wood for their five-year anniversary. It's a testament to a couple's commitment to each other and ability to love and support one another through life's peaks and valleys.

You may not realize how many cool things are actually crafted from wood until you start looking for five-year wedding anniversary gifts. From wine boxes and casks to keychains and wood prints, there are plenty of options for affordable gifts that are anything but tacky. Whether you're looking for a small keepsake to honor a five-year wedding anniversary, or a larger gift that complements your partner's passions, gifts of wood will endure for a lifetime.

While modernists have updated to gifting silver for the five-year wedding anniversary, you can also opt for a gift that incorporates both of these mediums, like a wooden box with a silver latch. 

If you're wondering where these wedding anniversary gift-giving traditions came from, the website Eternity Rose noted that author Emily Post, most well known for writing about etiquette, introduced the ideas in her 1922 book. By 1937 American National Retail Jeweler Association expanded on this list, and couples have been following it ever since. Need some inspiration for a traditional five-year anniversary gift? You're in luck. Check out these 11 affordable and adorable gift ideas.

1. Cherish the Moments: Fifth Year Anniversary Scrapbook Album

Five years of marriage can go by in what feels like five minutes. Make sure you're capturing every moment by gifting your beloved with this anniversary scrapbook to celebrate your five-year anniversary. It's made from thick recycled board covers and card sheets that are bound with brown twine and a red heart tag. There are also four options for the amount of sheets in the book, and six options for color. 

Filling the scrapbook with photos and mementos from your first five years together. This five-year anniversary gift has a five-star rating on Etsy, and it's a creative way to honor the five-year anniversary symbol of wood. This is something you and your partner can cherish forever — don't be surprised if it induces tears of appreciation.

2. So Your Cup Is Always Full: Personalized Wine Barrel

If you and your love are wine aficionados, make sure your cups are always full with this Personalized Wine Barrel from UncommonGoods. This is the perfect gift to celebrate the five-year anniversary symbol of wood. "This miniature oak barrel ages vino to peak flavor, just like its full-sized siblings found in professional wineries. Its petite proportions accelerate the aging process, meaning that the recipient's choice of vintage will be infused with the barrel's American white oak flavor up to ten times faster," the gift makers said on UncommonGoods.

For your five-year anniversary, let your partner know you're committed to toasting your love now and forever with a personal gift that you'll both enjoy. Available in two sizes, you can choose the one that meets your needs. Starting at just $30, this is a thoughtful and sophisticated gift that all wine lovers will appreciate. If you want to get the bigger barrel, go in on it together with your spouse to give yourselves a joint gift. Cheers!

3. So Happy Together: You & Me Puzzle Piece Wood Ornament

Affordable, adorable and sweet, this You & Me Puzzle Piece Wood Ornament is a creative way to honor the five-year anniversary symbol of wood. Let your partner know that they're the perfect fit for you by gifting them with this display of love you can hang from your holiday tree, or display anywhere in your home. Just $14, this five-year anniversary gift is the perfect price for every budget. You can even personalize it for an additional $9.50.

Crafted in California from sustainable hardwood, and with five stars from Amazon reviewers, this is a five-year anniversary gift that's sure to charm your beloved. One reviewer said: "I absolutely love this ornament! I gave it to my husband as a stocking stuffer and he loved it too. It is high quality and the sentiment spoke to our relationship." Another noted, "Love It! Great quality ... giving it for Christmas as my husband and I have just finished navigating a puzzling year!"

4. Turn Up the Heat: BBQ Smoker Wood Chip Grill Set

Does your partner fancy themselves a grill master? If you want to honor your beloved's culinary spirit and still stick to the traditional five-year anniversary symbol of wood, this BBQ Smoker Wood Chip Grill Set is the perfect pick. This is Amazon's choice for BBQ smoking gifts, and it comes with everything you need to get smokin'. Your partner will appreciate this all-in-one set that includes a premium stainless steel smoker box, specialty BBQ thermometer, three flavors of smoking wood chips, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, smoking recipes, and a flavorful hickory smoked sea salt.

Those who gave this set as a gift are raving about it on Amazon. One reviewer said: "It literally gives step-by-step directions how to smoke meats. It tells you what meat is good for different wood. The quality is great. Its sturdy enough to use for more than the allotted amount of wood. It also comes with a meat thermometer. This was a great way to ease into smoking without the hiccups of over smoking and drying out meat." 

5. Let's Dance: 5-Year Anniversary First Dance Song Wood Print

This just might be the most thoughtful and creative expression of love for a traditional wood-themed five-year anniversary gift on this list. If you want to be one and done, stop whatever you're doing and order this right now. The Five-Year Anniversary First Dance Song Wood Print from StudioJones1 on Etsy is equal parts rustic and romantic. This gift is a 16-by-20 portrait of you and your beloved on high-quality birch, and it includes the lyrics to your wedding song. 

Reviewers on Etsy are raving about the quality and beauty of the gift, and the excellent customer service of the seller. One person said: "This is absolutely gorgeous. Can’t wait to give it to my daughter and son-in-law for their fifth anniversary." I can't imagine anyone not opening this gift and tearing up from this thoughtful gesture. When you give it to your partner, have your wedding song at the ready so you can press play as they unwrap the gift. 

6. You've Got Mail: Sending My Love Wood Postcard

When is the last time you sent your partner an actual love letter? In fact, when is the last time either of you got something in the mail that wasn't a bill or a piece of junk? If you can't remember, it's been too long. Choose this old-timey gift for your beloved as the traditional five-year anniversary symbol, wood. The Sending My Love Postcard from Personal Creations is super affordable and beyond romantic. 

You can personalize the wooden postcard with your own love letter to your partner. To make it even more romantic, consider putting it inside of a decorative envelope and adding it to the pile of mail so your love can open it. This gift is classic and highly rated with one reviewer noting: "I love it I can write anything on it — it's a great way to say I love you in a personal cute way!"

7. You Light Up My Life: 5th Anniversary Christmas Ornament

If you and your partner celebrate Christmas, start a tradition of adding ornaments to your tree to celebrate your life. For those looking to honor the traditional five-year wedding anniversary symbol of wood, this rustic five-year anniversary ornament is a great way to say I love you. Not only is this gift affordable, it comes ready to gift in a simple white gift box. The creator, Digibuddha, also has ornaments for every year of your marriage. This means that if your partner loves it, you can add one to your collection annually.

While this ornament isn't technically made of wood, it's handmade with porcelain that looks like wood from artisans featured in Handmade at Amazon. If rustic is your jam, this is an ideal option for an affordable, original, and thoughtful five-year anniversary gift your partner will appreciate. Celebrate your lasting love during the holidays and every day by giving this creative gift that honors your commitment to each other.

8. Save Me a Place: 5th Anniversary Engraved Bookmark with Tassel

If your idea of a perfect date with your partner includes snuggling up together with your noses buried in a good book, then this engraved wooden bookmark is a the ideal five-year anniversary gift. While the bookmark already comes engraved for your five-year anniversary, you can get it personalized for an extra fee. Made from sustainably harvested hardwood, this is a handmade gift that will prompt your partner to think of you every time they open up their book or mark their pages to read later. 

What's more, each bookmark is one of a kind due to individual woodworking and unique natural cherry grains present in each piece of wood. Amazon reviewers reported giving this to their bookworm or scholarly partners for their fifth wedding anniversaries and receiving rave reviews. As an avid reader myself, I know I would appreciate this thoughtful and original gift.

9. The Key to My Heart: Personalized Wood Keychain

For your five-year wedding anniversary gift let your partner know they still hold the key to your heart with this personalized wood keychain from FourRiversTN on Etsy. Personalized with your initials tucked inside of a heart pierced with Cupid's arrow, this is an affordable, sweet, and thoughtful way to honor the traditional five-year wedding anniversary gift of wood. And with five stars on Etsy, this is a wood-themed gift that's guaranteed to please.

Everyone has keys, and this custom-made keychain is small enough to slip into pockets with a single key, or to add to an existing keychain. While you're getting one for your beloved, at just $10 you can grab one for yourself too so both you and your partner can carry around the keys to each others hearts wherever your journey takes you.

10. Cheers to 5 Years: Anniversary Wine Box

Planning a special night for your partner? When it's time to open up the bottle of wine you've chosen just for the occasion, gift them with this beautiful five-year wedding anniversary box. This wooden wine box has a slide lid and handle so that you can take your wine on the go. In addition, it can be personalized, making it good for really any occasion. Made by Moonwake Designs Co. on Etsy, this gift is both pretty and sweet.

To give this gift simply choose your love's favorite wine, slide it into the box, and serve with a special dinner or tapas.

11. You Carved Out a Space in My Heart: Birch Tree Branch Candle

What's more romantic than carving your initials into something to commemorate your love? For your five-year anniversary, gift the love of your life with this Birch Tree Branch Candle from Forest of Nature on Etsy to honor the five-year wedding anniversary tradition of giving gifts made from wood. This gift is described as: "A wonderful spin on a timeless tradition! Couples have carved their initials in trees for decades. Symbolizing the joining of two people's initials was a promise that the love between the two would last 'forever.'"

What's more, because this gift is made from recycled wood, you can get your initials carved into birch without damaging a living tree. If your love is eco conscious and committed to living a sustainable and responsible life, this gift hits every mark. It's environmentally friendly, romantic, affordable, sweet, and it honors the five-year wedding anniversary gift giving tradition.

12. The Test Of Time: Five Year Anniversary Clock

Oh how the time flies by — commemorate your first five years together with a beautiful personalized wood clock. Made from thick, solid oak wood, this battery-operated clock can be customized for your unique relationship. The laser engraving adds designs and personalizations — such as text, border changes, or even a logo. 

One review reads, "This piece is awesome!! At first i thought it would be light weight and just ok. When it arrived I was surprised, It is hefty, well put together. Now we will see if it stands the test of time lol. Pun intended." The test of time — we love that.

13. A Work of Art: Framed Travel Map

Whether you and your partner love to travel, or just want to celebrate a specific location dear to your hearts, this framed travel map is a beautiful way to celebrate your five year anniversary. Journey Print Shop will print the map and location of your choosing directly on wood and they provide a modern wood frame. To get the wheels turning, some map suggestions include the place where you met, where you got married, or where you took your favorite vacation — the options are endless. 

The piece has five-star reviews, with one purchaser writing, "The product was even nicer in person, than what I expected based on photos. It really is high quality and I’m also really impressed with the flexibility of the artists for customizing it for me with my specific requests. Thank you so much!" If that doesn't make you want to buy this as a five-year anniversary gift, we don't know what will. 

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