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20 Gift Ideas For All The Important People In Your Life

From parents to partners, kids, and colleagues, check out these great gift ideas for everyone on your VIP list.

You have a gift list, you've checked it twice, but you still have no idea what to get for the moms, dads, couples, kids, and grads in your life. The struggle is real, which is why it's important to have gift ideas for all the important people in your life at the ready. Personally, when it's time to purchase gifts for important people in my life, my mind goes blank. This makes a good case for buying gifts throughout the year when you see something you know someone close to you will absolutely love. This way you can stash the gifts away until the big day and avoid the pressure of last-minute gift buying.

While you likely know what those closest to you will love, sometimes the important people in your life extend beyond your inner circle. Translation, you may have to buy a gift for your boss or several gifts for your employees. Luckily, there are some universal gifts everyone loves, like gift cards and gadgets. These are also the go-to gifts you can pull out when you're not sure what to get the person you drew in the extended family gift exchange

It's no secret that shopping for gifts can be stressful, but finding gifts for the important people in your life should be a pleasant experience, and research show that giving things to others can bring you joy. When deciding what to get the most important people on your gift list, picture the look on their faces when they open your package. What do you see?

If the image you conjure up is pure joy, then you know you've found the right gift. Still not sure what gifts to get for the people who are most important to you? Check out this guaranteed-to-please gift list to find something everyone on your VIP list will love. 

1. For the Sweet Tooth: Cheryl's Cookies

In my family, Cheryl's Cookies are the go-to gift for absolutely everyone. Cheryl's Cookies are the perfect gift for all the most important people in your life because they literally have something for every person and every occasion. From weddings to birthdays to holidays to just because, Cheryl's Cookies offers gift options in butter-cream frosted cookies, brownies, as well as gluten-free and sugar-free options.

Choose from decorative tins, boxes, and towers for all of the VIPs on your gift list. You can also gift a membership to their cookie club. The best part is that cookies come individually wrapped, which keeps them fresh and makes them easy to freeze so your recipient can save them for when they just have to have a cookie. 

2. For the Music Minded: TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Whether it's for your dad or for a recent grad, every important person on your gift list will appreciate a pair of wireless bluetooth noise cancelling headphones. While there are super pricey options on Amazon, the TaoTronics noise cancelling headphones are just $57.99 and have four-and-a-half stars. In today's go-go-go world, sometimes it's necessary to block out all of that external noise, which is why noise cancelling headphones are an ideal escape — making them the perfect gift. 

Whether it's a crowded shopping mall or babies crying on airplanes, your gift recipient can just pop on their noise cancelling headphones to escape to a serene environment of their choosing. From podcasts to playlists to phone calls, there's no shortage of uses for this gift that's on everyone's wish list. 

3. For Everyone Who Needs Juice: Multi-Port USB Car Charger 

How many times has someone gotten into you car and asked to charge their phone? If this happens to you regularly, chances are it happens to the important people on your gift list too. This is why the X5 Multi-Port USB Car Charger by RapidX is an ideal gift for the techies on your gift list. If you're still not convinced, it's on Oprah's Favorite Things list, and if it's good enough for Oprah, it great for everyone on your gift list. 

"Each of these X5 car chargers with an extra-long cord can simultaneously boost up five devices, from phones to tablets. Translation: Both front and backseat drivers can get some juice without coming to blows," Oprah says on Amazon. If you're looking for a gift for one of those rare people who doesn't have a cellphone, Oprah has tons of other guaranteed-to-please gifts on her favorite things list.

4. For the Nostalgic: Create Your Own Reel Viewer

If you want to cross off all the important people on your gift list in one fell swoop, the Create Your Own Reel Viewer is one gift that everyone will love. Not only will this gift make your recipients wax nostalgic for their childhoods, your VIPs will be even more excited when they realize the reel is personalized. "Assemble snapshots of your favorite memories and add them to your very own reel using the redemption code included with your viewer," the description reads on UncommonGoods. 

At just $29.95 each you can grab a bunch of these viewers and personalize them for everyone on your gift list. Personally, I would love to receive this gift. It's a nod to the past while still bring relevant and thoughtful. What more could anyone want in a gift?

5. For Germophobes: PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

Got a germophobe on your gift list? Then look no further than this PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer from UncommonGoods. How does this magical device work? "Simply place your phone inside, attach the charging cable, and close the lid. Inside, a pair of specialized, ultra-violet lights do the dirty work for you, while exterior lights let you know when the phone is clean and charged," the description explains.

Even if the most important people on your gift list aren't germ adverse, everyone could use a cleaner phone. This means that this gift is ideal for any occasion, and it will definitely meet the needs of all of the tech-savvy and health-conscious people on your VIP gift list. 

6. For Creative Kids: Color Your Own Map Pillowcase

If you've got a creative kid on your VIP gift list, this Color Your Own Map Pillowcase from UncommonGoods allows them to unleash their inner artist and create something they can treasure for years to come. The best part about this gift that's perfect for every child on your list is that it gives kids permission to color both outside the lines and off the paper.

This gift includes washable colored fabric markers so kids can color on their pillows and then rest their heads on their masterpieces. The best part about this gift is that it keeps on giving. When your recipient wants to create a new mural, just wash the pillow case and start over. If you want to grab this gift for yourself too, your secret is safe with me. 

7. For the Young at Heart: Disney Gift Card 

Have someone on your gift list that's young or simply young at heart? The Disney lovers on your list will absolutely love a Disney gift card they can use at any Disney resort around the world. If someone on your VIP gift list already has a trip to Disney planned, this gift makes a perfect companion for their trip.

The best part about this gift, aside from it being Disney, is that it never expires. This means your gift recipient can save their gift until their ready to use it. Grab this gift card from Target in multiple denominations because it's not available in stores. 

8. For the Nappers: Designlovefest Neck Pillow + Eye Mask 

For the jetsetter on your gift list, this neck pillow, blanket, and eye mask is an ideal choice. Your gift recipient will appreciate being able to bring their very own portable nap onto the plane so they don't have to rely on those airplane pillows and blankets. The Designlovefest Neck Pillow + Eye Mask comes with its own carrying case, making it easy for your VIP traveler to pack it in their carryon.

"This set includes a high-quality memory foam travel pillow for ultimate neck and head comfort, a playful satin eye mask to block out light on long flights, a blanket scarf to wear around your neck in chilly climates or throw over your shoulders on a long flight, and a drawstring bag to keep the set together and clean while traveling," the description reads. Grab one for all of the important travelers on your gift list. 

9. For Influencers: heyday Cell Phone Selfie Light

If you've ever wondered why some people never seem to take a bad Instagram photo, it's because they have a cellphone selfie light, like this one from heydey. This is an ideal gift for the social-media savvy influencers on your VIP gift list. Give the gift of perfect pictures so your gift recipient can be one and done instead of taking 100 snaps to get the perfect selfie.

"This selfie ring light is a great and easy way to get that perfect selfie, or simply give a dark surrounding an extra boost of brightness," the description on Target's website explains. Featuring three settings, warm, cool and bright, the heyday Cell Phone Selfie Light is the gift that keeps on giving. I've used one of these, and the results are amazing — you might want to grab one for yourself too. 

10.  For Introverts: Sorry I'm Late I Didn't Want to Come T-Shirt

If the most important people on your gift list are introverts who'd rather stay home, this hilarious "Sorry I'm Late I Didn't Want to Come" shirt will allow them to let everyone know how they feel without saying a word. The introvert in your life will thank you because introverts find small talk draining, and being able to make their wishes known without unnecessary banter is an introvert's dream come true. 

Amazon has myriad options for men and women so you can grab a shirt or sweatshirt for every introvert on your gift list. If you're an introvert and you're gifting this shirt to another introvert, you'll definitely want to have it sent to them so you don't have to venture out to give them the gift. You fellow introvert will totally understand. 

11. For Everyone: Drink More Water Bottle

Did you know that by the time you're thirsty you're already dehydrated? In fact, one report notes that 80 percent of people in the US don't drink enough water. This means that 80 percent of the people on your VIP gift list could use a water bottle that actually reminds them to sip water throughout the day. The Drink More Water Bottle from UncommonGoods plans out your gift recipient's entire water-drinking schedule for the day, which means all they have to do is sip.

"This water bottle is marked with motivational messages (Keep Going! Getting Close!) to remind you to sip your way through two full bottles of H2O per day. The clear markings and clever graphics on a sturdy glass and stainless steel bottle make this design a friendly hydration helper," the description says. This is another gift that you also might want to grab for yourself. 

12. For Idea People: Spark Ideas Box

Is one of the most important people on your gift list in need of a creative spark? There's a gift for that and it's appropriately named the Spark Ideas Box. This gift is both inspirational and aspirational, which means it will help your gift recipient live their best life. The Spark Ideas Box includes 50 ideas for exploration and adventure, and it will keep your VIP busy finding the fun.

"Each beautifully designed box is full of paperboard 'matches,' printed with prompts in your choice of topics: Creativity, Adventure, Happiness, or Romance. Draw one at random and you might find a playful activity (Spend some time around animals), a refreshing perspective (Do the 'wrong' thing), sage advice (Give each other a sincere compliment), or a challenge to step outside of your comfort zone (Play like a kid)," the description explains. And because these aren't real matches, they're perfect for everyone on your VIP gift list. 

13. For Pet Parents: Furbo Dog Camera

Have a pet parent on your VIP gift list who hates to leave Fluffy and Fido behind? If the answer is yes, then your pet-loving gift recipient needs the Ellen DeGeneres-endorsed Furbo Dog Camera. This genius gift is HD, works off of WiFi, acts as a camera with two-way audio, and is compatible with Alexa. Furbo allows people and their pets to interact when the humans are away from home.

The most important pet lovers on your gift list will be blown away by Furbo's features. Furbo can toss treats, and it detects barking and sends a notification to the pet parents' phones so they can calm their pets down. If your VIP pet lovers are reluctant to venture out because they're so attached to their furry friends, you absolutely can't go wrong with Furbo, which has been credited with saving dogs' lives by users on Amazon.

14. For the Curious: 23andMe

Life is a mystery, and so is many people's ancestry. Help the most important people on your gift list crack the code by gifting them with 23andMe. Choose from the ancestry service or the health and ancestry combo. Either way the VIP on your gift list can learn about their heritage. If you go for the combo, they can also see which health risks are most likely to affect them and get tips for how to stay well.

Ancestry features include five reports: Ancestry Composition, Maternal & Paternal Haplogroups, Neanderthal Ancestry, and Your DNA Family. You can also opt in to the relative finder to connect to other people on 23andMe who share a DNA connection. The health features include a genetic risk report, carrier status reports, wellness reports, and a report of likely traits, like the chances of developing a unibrow. This is another one you're going to want to grab for yourself — go ahead, you deserve it.

15. For Families: Not Parent Approved Card Game

If there's a family on your VIP gift list, the card game Not Parent Approved is sure to provide your most important gift recipients with hours of family fun. Touted on Amazon as a hilarious card game for kids, tweens, families and mischief makers, Not Parent Approved is inspired by Cards Against Humanity. The difference is that while Cards Against Humanity is NSFW, Not Parent Approved actually is parent-approved fun for everyone.

This game is a throwback to when people played games together versus on their devices. It's ideal for camping, trips, family picnics and reunions, or just for a night of family fun at home. If you give Not Parent Approved to your VIP family in person, they just might invite you to play. 

16. For People Who Can't Put Down their Phones: Game of Phones

If the most important people in your life can't bear to part with their phones for even a few seconds, then Game of Phones is the only gift for the techies in your life. This gift is part card game part phone fun. Once you gift your VIP techie with Game of Phones, they can immediately start a phone-based scavenger hunt with their friends, which includes you. Curious how Game of Phones works? 

"Just gather your friends and their smart phones (sorry, flip phone, you're not invited), draw a prompt card, and see who can use their phones the fastest to create an emoji masterpiece, show off the last photo you took, or find the weirdest Google Image result for your name," the description on UncommonGoods explains. "Collect the most points to win." Getting rewarded for more screen time? All of the techies on your list will rejoice.

17. For People Who Are Always Cold: Serta Reversible Faux Fur Plush Electric Heated Throw

Whether the most important people on your gift list live in Canada or California, you can't go wrong with an electric blanket. Trust me, I live in Los Angeles and I don't go to bed without my electric throw after October. Grab a Serta Reversible Faux Fur Plush Electric Heated Throw for the VIPs on your guest list who like to stay toasty warm all winter long. Every time your gift recipient warms up they'll think of you.

"Plug in and switch on your Serta Faux Fur Throw and within minutes you’ll be experiencing not only the warmth of radiating heat, but also the luxurious feeling of faux fur," the description on Jet.com says. "The easy-to-use controller has five heat settings, allowing you to customize your comfort level. You’ll be so relaxed, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll doze off. And we thought of that, too. Forget to turn it off? We added a four-hour automatic shut-off for your additional safety." This is also a gift you should give to yourself because — brrr it's cold out there. 

18. For Cinephiles: Smartphone Magnifier

This is one you're definitely going to want to get for yourself, and I think it's the coolest thing on this list. This Smartphone Magnifier from UncommonGoods basically turns phones into tiny little TV sets. Grab these as gifts for all of the important people in your life and watch their eyes light up as they contemplate this gift that's equal parts old timey and modern marvel. The best part? It's portable.

"Just slip your device into the fully assembled, retro-styled cardboard TV and enjoy your mobile movies double the size of your display. Keep it in your bag for impromptu screenings during your next camping trip, sleepover, or long car ride," the description notes. It can also be used on planes to watch all of those shows downloaded from Netflix on a bigger screen. Yes, please!

19. For Sweet Dreams: Music Sleep Mask

What's better than a sleep mask? How about a sleep mask that plays tunes! If the most important people on your gift list are problem sleepers, this Music Sleep Mask from Urban Outfitters just might be the thing they need to drift off into dreamland. Ideal for nights away from home, long-haul flights, or even quick naps, this sleep mask is going to become your gift recipient's new favorite thing.

Featuring integrated headphone, this genius gift offers music and darkness wrapped up in one neat package. The mask's thick lining blocks out unwanted light while the mask's integrated headphones provide the perfect soundtrack for ultimate relaxation. And it comes complete with audio cable and volume controls.

20. For Vinyl Lovers: Crosley Bluetooth Record Player

Everything old is new again, and that includes record players. With the recent resurgence of vinyl, there's a good chance that some of the VIPs on your gift list would love nothing more than to spin records on the Crosley Bluetooth Record Player. Not only does this throwback beauty play records, it also plays other devices using the bluetooth feature.

This is a gift that's sure to please everyone from 1 to 100 because who doesn't love to listen to music, radio shows, or podcasts? While you're buying this vintage beauty for everyone on your gift list, add one to your cart for yourself as a treating for checking off your VIP gift list like the boss you are.

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