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How to Pack Everything You Need in One Bag

Going away for three days or three weeks? This is how you pack smart.

How to Pack Everything You Need in One Bag

Traveling is wonderful, but trekking around with giant pieces of luggage is not. Whether you're going to be posted up at the beach for your whole trip or you're jumping hostel to hostel in Europe, packing isn't as hard as you think — and no, you definitely don't need 14 pair of shoes no matter where you're going. You can go anywhere from three days to three weeks with nothing but one bag and a little ingenuity. Here’s how:

Wear your bulkiest clothes on travel days.

Seriously, when you’re waiting in line for buses and squeezing your way down airplane aisles, you’d rather your boots be on your feet than on your back. Save your precious backpack room for things that are light and easy.

Downsize your essentials.

Don’t bring your fancy skincare products, just make-up wipes will do. Consider investing in something like a Diva Cup instead of packing or spending money on tampons that will likely come spilling out of every part of your backpack whenever you’re in an airport. Ditch the bottle of toothpaste for something like Toothy Tabs from LUSH. These little things will save a ton of worry and inconvenience.

Pack what you'll actually wear.

If you're going away this summer, your clothes packing list should look a little something like this (light basics you can mix and match—come on, you can do it!):

  • Two pairs of pants

  • Three tops

  • Two light sweaters

  • A sundress

  • Sandals

  • Sneakers

Keep all your important things in one pouch (and photocopies of it all in your purse).

Slip passport, tickets, and any other documents in something small and secure that can be whipped out in a flash when you need it and shoved in the bottom of your backpack when you don’t. Be sure to keep photocopies of important docs with you at all times too — you'll thank us later.

Ditch the electronics.

Maybe it would be nice to wind down a day of traveling with some Netflix, but it sure isn’t nice to have a hard laptop against your back when you’re trekking around. Keep the laptop back home, as well as your bulky camera. You should be experiencing your memories first, documenting them second. That’s what Instagram is for!