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6 Unique And Awesome Girls' Night Out Ideas

Because sometimes you want something more than a bar night.

6 Unique And Awesome Girls' Night Out Ideas

As much as we love going out on dates, there’s something about a girls’ night that’s extra special. The old friendship, the female laughter, the amazing dresses and the fizzy cocktails. It’s an iconic scene. Just think of all those nights Carrie met Miranda and the girls at chi-chi restaurant tables, their dresses strappy, their heels killer, and leaving lipstick stains around the rims of their martini glasses as they dish and support.

While getting drinks with your best babes is tradition, there are nights where you want to do something a little more different than the usual bar scene. For nights like those, here are six out-of-the-box ideas for unique and awesome girls’ nights out!

1. Go To A Park Concert

Fold up your favorite blanket, grab your best friend, and head grocery shopping together to pick out the fixings for your picnic for the park concert. Make it extra fun and indulge yourself, choosing pink moscato wine, bubbly champagne, an embarrassing amount of brie, chocolate cupcakes, and those gourmet nibblers and snacks you always felt too guilty buying (that price tag!). Make it a big affair and pack that basket up to the brim. Then spend the evening sitting underneath the summer night, snacking on a beautiful spread, and enjoying both the music and your friend’s stories alike.

2. Find A Groupon

Go to the activities section on Groupon and pick out the most appealing option they have in the first three rows. Are you feeling like a two hour sailing tour? You can pretend it’s your boat and that you have diamonds at your ears and are taking a quiet evening at the lake. Or maybe you want to go to a Cuban festival and learn the beginning steps to the salsa? Whatever it is, choose something you’ve never thought of trying before, guaranteeing the night will be an adventure!

3. Go To a Jazz Club

6 Unique And Awesome Girls' Night Out Ideas

Slip on your most flapper-esque dresses, put on some vampy, dark lipstick and throw yourselves back into another era. Preferably one where Gatsbys buy you cocktails at the bar and the room is heavy with the hot notes of jazz. Slide yourselves into a dark booth in the corner, order only Manhattans and Gin and Tonics, and discuss possible dance moves you can pull once it’s time to hit that open dance floor. Here’s to hoping you’re up-to-date on your Charleston.

4. Go On A Food Tour

Before heading out, decide where in the world you’d like to go tonight. Want to end up on the white washed villages of Greece? Or are you feeling like sitting in open-faced restaurants in Hanoi? Maybe you want to be somewhere humid and bustling like in Bangkok, or are you more in the mood for a quiet side-street in Paris? Whatever it is you decide on, go find it in your city. If you chose Austria, go find a funky bohemian-fusion restaurant that serves chicken paprikash with snifters of pear brandy. Go tour the world together…without ever leaving your neighborhood.

5. Become Connoisseurs

6 Unique And Awesome Girls' Night Out Ideas

You know how you never really knew the difference between a merlot and a cabernet? Or how you can’t really tell the tastes between a stout and a pale ale? Let’s not even get started what makes a whiskey different from a brandy. Roll your sleeves up and have a little tasting party at your apartment, buying different variations of wines or beers, and discovering the rules behind the tastes. Not only will you finally know what you’re ordering at a bar, but you’ll have fun trying to be snooty while guessing what the hidden flavors are.

6. Track Down Some Bar Activities

It’s not just trivia night at the bar down the block you know! With a little internet sleuthing you can find some really fun events that are completely unique and hilarious. Take a hand at movieoke, where instead of singing you act out the lines of a scene as it’s playing on the projector screen next to you. Extra points for over-the-top-ness! Or play a large game of Cards Against Humanity with other bar goers, making the round even more painful and hilarious as you try your best to scandalize strangers. Or find a place that plays old black and white movies on their rooftop during the summer, with cocktails that match the movie’s theme. With a little poking around, you’ll be surprised with all the interesting activities your neighborhood haunts come up with.