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My Favorite...Gift from My Sister

The two siblings behind the By Chance clothing line tell us about their favorite gift they've received from each other.

Source: By Chance, Art by Tanya Leigh Washington

The two sisters behind the By Chance clothing line tell us about their favorite gift they've received from each other.

Marissa Senzon: Jennifer Fisher "J" Charm

What do you love about this charm your sister gave you? "I love jewelry, I wear a thousand bracelets at once. I just like accessorizing. As a mom, I'm usually in something very basic, so I need to spice it up and add a little something to the outfit. For Mother's Day, my family got me a charm necklace I could add charms to. So for my first Mother's Day, Lauren got me the gothic letter 'J,' which is nice because my son's name is Jagger, my husband's Jason and my dog is Joey—so I have a lot of J's going on! I added it to my collection of charms."

My Favorite... Sister Gift
Source: By Chance

Do you wear it often? "I really wear my necklace every day. I'm always wearing it. And I have a weird thing where I play with my jewelry always, and I'm always reminded of my son, and my sister, and my family…every piece has a different sentimental value, every charm. I wear them with all of my By Chance stuff. In the summer, I literally wear a different cami of ours every day with my necklace."

Do you remember the moment she gave it to you? "Yeah, it was actually kind of crazy. We spent the day with my in-laws and my parents, and that morning my husband actually gave me a charm and then I got to my parents and my sister was like, 'I have a present for you.' She gave me this box, with a charm in it, so now I have this collection of charms, and then my parents handed me one, and it was another charm! It was very thoughtful of her to think of a "J." I actually had a letter "M" for my name, but I didn't think to put a J on there. I actually have a necklace with my son's name on it but I stopped wearing that as much because I started wearing this, which has all these emotional ties—every charm means something. It makes a whole life story."

My Favorite... Sister Gift
Source: By Chance

Lauren Miglis: Jennifer Fisher Bracelets

What's your favorite gift from your sister? "Marissa gave me these two bracelets, they're these little gold cuff bracelets. One of them says 'courage' and the other one says 'believe.' She gave them to be right before I started with her. She started By Chance, and I joined her about two and a half years ago. They're really great because they gave me a little bit of courage to leave my old job and join a family company and to believe that I could do that, and do something inspiring with my sister."

Do you wear them every day? "Yeah, I do wear them every day and I get a lot of compliments on them. I definitely look at them and obviously think about my sister and our company, and where our company has gone. It can be a courage to believe in and strengthen our company."

Can those words also apply to the rest of your life? "Absolutely. I think they're very strong words, not only for me and my sister and the company, but for my everyday life. If I'm down, I need a little bit of courage, and if I'm upset, I need to believe."

How do you like to wear them? "I stack them with my other bracelets. I usually wear it on my right arm, and sometimes with my watch. I try to stack as many bracelets as I can together. I think it's really fun, the more the better!"