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Aimee Song Launches a Bracelet Collection at Bloomingdale's

Plus, the Song of Style blogger offers her tips for two tough style dilemmas.

Aimee Song Launches Bracelet Collection at Bloomingdales
(Source: Song of Style Jewelry)

Last night, an insanely long line of giddy fans inside of Bloomingdale's in New York awaited Aimee Song's arrival. The mastermind behind fashion blog Song of Style was there to launch her namesake jewelry line, an idea she says has been three years in the making. A glass case displayed the debut goods: four studded gold bracelets ($240 each) that we'd gladly add to our #armparty. We had the chance to talk with Song about the project, as well as her sought-after style expertise.

What was your design process for the jewelry like? 
"The design actually came to me five years ago but I just didn't have the time to sit down and finally do it. Also, I didn't think that I could do it. It was just a thought. You know, when you're young you have dreams but you don't act upon it until later in life when the circumstances are right. I decided three years ago I that want to actually create a jewelry line, but it was really expensive because I had to see how I could do this on my own terms. I had the whole design done, and two years ago I finally found a manufacturer in downtown LA, a family-owned company that does fine jewelry. I wanted to work with them but they haven't done any costume jewelry, so it took two years to develop this because it's fine jewelry material but cost effective so my fans can afford it."

Song of Style Jewelry Pyramid Stud Bracelets, $240 each, at bloomingdales.com
Song of Style Jewelry Pyramid Stud Bracelets, $240 each, at bloomingdales.com
(Source: Bloomingdale's)

Congratulations on finally making it happen! How does it reflect your personal style?
"I'm all about gold, and mixing and matching. Plus, I'm an all-black girl but sometimes I like color so I knew I wanted to work with stones. As an interior designer, I've been working with stones my entire career so I wanted to definitely tie that in."

Aimee Song Launches Bracelet Collection at Bloomingdales
(Source: Instagram.com/SongofStyle)

As a street style star you're constantly photographed—how do you approach getting dressed when it's freezing?
"It's all about layering. Right now I'm wearing tights, slightly loose skinny jeans, one size bigger than mine, thigh highs to keep myself warm, then I have a T-shirt, blouse, leather jacket and on top of that I have a giant coat. So, it's all about layering and honestly everyone is saying how cold New York is but for me I was so well prepared in layers that it's been kind of easy."

You travel so much, how do you tackle packing?
"I try to plan my outfits ahead of time. This time I was traveling so much that I didn't get to plan ahead, but I do bring things I could mix and match with. I knew to bring a few key pieces I could play with and a bunch of layers I could wear multiple times."

If you could pick one statement item what would it be?
"For me it's always jewelry. You can wear the exact same clothes but when you put jewelry on, it becomes a different outfit."

Speaking of jewelry, we love your septum ring. It's trending right now!
"I've had this for about a year—I think that there isn't much I could do to my face honestly. I feel like I don't have the features to try crazy makeup so the septum ring was another way to bring in accessorizing my face without going too crazy. I just wanted to look more edgy and different."