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Where to Get Your Shoes Repaired—Online!

Where to Get Your Shoes Repaired—Online!

Somewhere in the back of my closet, underneath a sleeping bag I haven't used in half a decade and a pile of beach towels I scrounge up maybe once a year (why do I have so many beach towels?), there's a giant black shopping bag filled to the brim with designer shoes and boots I've worn and loved—and have needed to take to the shoe repair for years. Yes, years.

If you, too, have trouble finding the time, motivation, and will to trek a heap of much-loved but in-need-of-TLC favorite footwear to the local cobbler—or if you just don't know where to take them—here's a new online service that might just tickle your pickle.

Austin-based cobblers, The Shoe Hospital, is the world's largest shoe repair company—yes, there is such a thing, and they've been around since 1906!—has just launched MyShoeHospital.com, an online service where you plug in your shoe woes, print out a shipping label, send your footwear off for fixin', and they come back to you in the mail, all gussied up and ready to go.

"Over the years we have had many requests to offer our repair services outside the state," said The Shoe Hospital's CEO William Carroll Kelly III. "Now we can work with customers all over the country." And there's an eco-angle too— "Choosing to repair your shoes over purchasing a brand new pair helps to conserve and protect our environment," Kelly said. "By repairing your shoes, you have a direct impact on waste reduction and help to cut down the unnecessary overuse of precious resources."

Have you ever sent your shoes to The Shoe Hospital in Austin? Tell us what you think! Is MyShoeHospital.com a service you think you would try? Sound off in the comments, below.
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