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John Varvatos Designed the Coolest Tequila Bottle-Stopper Ever

John Varvatos Designed the Coolest Tequila Bottle-Stopper Ever
(Left, courtesy of John Varvatos; right, Getty) John Varvatos for Patron, John Varvatos

Menswear mogul John Varvatos knows a thing or two about designing the perfect pullover, excellent man-bags, and shoes that makes guys swoon (no, seriously, have seen how men behave inside a John Varvatos store?)—but did you know that Varvatos is also a tequila-stopper mastermind? Read on.

Patron and Varvatos have teamed up to create this amazing—and we mean amazing—bottle stopper. And yes, it looks like a guitar head.

"As a fan of Patron tequila for many years, I thought we'd lend a little rock-n-roll attitue to the brand," Varvatos said. "I hope everyone enjoys this limited-edition stopper for many years to come." (Or, at least, until the tequila runs out.)

The John Varvatos limited-edition bottle stopper comes free with a 750mL bottle of Patron Anejo tequila—it's all packed together in a limited-edition gift box and will be available at select retailers begining this December.
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