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Oh Snap! Selena Gomez Steals Endorsement Deal From Ex Justin Bieber

Oh Snap! Selena Gomez Steals Endorsement Deal From Ex Justin Bieber
(Courtesy Adidas) Selena Gomez is the new face of NEO

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have barely just broken up—or are they back on again, we can't remember?—but the stunning starlet is already swiping endorsement deals from out under the Bieb's feet.

One month after Justin Bieber announced a two-year partnership with Adidas' NEO brand, Selena Gomez and Adidas Neo have stolen his thunder by announcing a three-year partnership—effective now through 2015. As they say in showbiz: Whoomp, there it is! Or something like that.

"It is a great partnership for me bceause NEO really cares about style and having fun with fashion and allowing you to be yourself," Gomez said. "This is something that's always been important to me and is important to my fans too: knowing they can express themselves through wearing whatever clothes they want and feel good about themselves."

Gomez will collaborate with NEO to create seasonal collections—beginning in fall 2013. She'll also serve as the face of four collections, appearing in the brand's ad campaigns starting in February.

Check out this sneak peek video of the collab:

Now, the only question fans have to ask themselves is: Are you Team Bieber NEO or Team Selena NEO? Sound off on this very important debate in the comments section, below.
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