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A Yes or No Question: Coats as Capes

A Yes or No Question: Coats as Capes (ImaxTree)

Now that we've said au revoir to Paris Fashion Week, let's talk about a major trend we spotted off the runways — coats as capes! Seriously, it looks like every third person in our PFW street style gallery is allergic to sleeves.

Like her. Her body is physically rejecting that coat.

A Yes or No Question: Coats as Capes (ImaxTree)

Actually, outerwear draped over the shoulders was kind of a look for show-goers in every fashion week city this past month — even during New York Fashion Week's surprise blizzard! — and we're not sure how we feel about it.

It's definitely supposed to appear nonchalant, like "Oh, I just threw this on as I was dashing off to somewhere fabulous." But if you have time to pose for street style photographers you have time to stick your arms through some sleeveholes, right?

A Yes or No Question: Coats as Capes (ImaxTree)

And, the few seconds you would save by forgoing sleeves are going to be negated by all the time you'll spend fussing with your bag as you realize you can't just sling it over the shoulder of your impromptu cape.

A Yes or No Question: Coats as Capes (ImaxTree)

Plus, a strong gust of wind could blow that coat-cape right off! We saw more than one New York Fashion Week attendee clutching at her over-the-shoulder coat collar for dear life, rather than, you know, actually putting it on

But, on the other hand, the look does create a clean line that can look very pretty in pictures. And, as The Telegraph points out, Phoebe Philo has been doing this at Celine since 2009, so the trend has been kind of a slow burning one.

Tell us, how do coat capes make you feel?
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