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'The Mentalist' Lands a Givenchy Campaign

'The Mentalist' Lands a Givenchy Campaign
(ImaxTree; Getty) Givenchy fall 2012 collection; Simon Baker

Quick: Think of all the guy celebs you know who could front a Givenchy men's fragrance campaign! Maybe someone with dark hair, an intense stare—a star who's cultivated an aura of sexy mystery, someone who often spotted out in black leather, maybe even black leather pants?

If that's the image you've conjured up in your minds, you'll be as surprised as we were to hear that Givenchy has tapped CBS' The Mentalist, Simon Baker, to front the campaign for its newest men's scent. Yes, The Mentalist.

"Simon was a natural choice for us—he has aristocratic elegance and charisma," Givenchy Global President Thierry Maman told WWD. "These are all values which have been linked with the brand since Hubert de Givenchy."

Okay, that aristocratic elegance thing we can see.

In case you've never watched The Mentalist but have a feeling you've seen Baker's face before, well, it might be because he played the bad-boy reporter guy who Anne Hathaway's character hooks up with in The Devil Wears Prada—you know, the one who gets her the Harry Potter manuscript?

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