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Someone Paid Paris Hilton $2 Million To ______.


Here's some heartwarming afternoon news: dear old Paris Hilton is reportedly receiving a $2 million paycheck for starring in Turkish label DeFacto's fashion campaign.

Which means one thing: sex-tape-triggered-reality-TV-fame—and its subsequent large paychecks—may not have an expiration date after all (sigh, Kim Kardashian). Even if, like Hilton, you've been off of the public radar for quite some time (save some remarks last month about the gay community).

DeFacto is so excited about the shoot, the company tweeted a handful of pictures from the set (fully equipped with smiley faces and hearts, of course). Here they are, with translations via Google Translate:

"Paris, we are all very excited waiting for. Here we encounter the first time Paris Hilton at the airport. Paris :)"

(via DeFacto's Twitter)

"Time for a break!"

 (via DeFacto's Twitter)

"A little hard to take pictures of the set. Paris hand, Arda got back :)"

(via DeFacto's Twitter)

Sadly, Hilton's campaign co-star, Turkish football star Arda Turan, was only paid around $500,000.

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