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Christian Louboutin Knows His Heels Are Crazy High

Christian Louboutin Knows His Heels Are Crazy High

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The name Christian Louboutin is synonymous with red soles and spindly, towering heels. But the designer's platform pumps weren't always so high! In fact, Louboutin's original designs, which were thought of as dangerously tall at the time, are considered kitten heels by today's standards.

"I remember designing a 90-millimeter mule and people went, 'Oh my God, that is much too high,'" Louboutin told WWD. "Now people who say they won't walk on heels are talking about 4 or 5 inches. In the history of shoes, there have never been such high heels." 

Christian Louboutin Knows His Heels Are Crazy High

(Christian Louboutin)

To put things in perspective, 90 millimeters is about 3.5 inches, and lots of Louboutin's current offerings, including these Kardashian-worthy spiked pumps, measure in at 150 millimeters, or 6 inches. That's a lot of extra height! 

"My drawings are very high and I want to remain as true as possible to my drawings," Louboutin explained. The guy clearly values fashion over comfort, but that doesn't mean he's not sympathetic to the pain of swanning about in what are basically very fancy stilts. Just look at him carrying his pal Blake Lively! Clearly the girl didn't have time to break in her snakeskin Loubs. 

Christian Louboutin Knows His Heels Are Crazy High


Tell us, are your heels Louboutin-high? Or are you more of a flats kind of girl? Let us know in the poll below! 

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