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The Fashion Girl's Guide to Holiday Wear

Want to get that holiday style game #OnFleek? We got you, girl.

The Fashion Girl's Guide to Holiday Wear

Glamour girls and edgy fashionistas alike have one thing in common when it comes to dressing the part for the holidays: Nailing on-trend staples in a way that feels utterly chic, yet can be easily worked into their wardrobes. Why buy something you'll only wear once? And the same goes for holiday parties and New Year's – if you're only going to wear it that one night, and suffer immensely in silent discomfort (re: think breaking in a new pair of heels in Vegas), you can pretty much assume you won't be adding it to your fashion repertoire the rest of the year.

So, let's just bypass that whole struggle this year, shall we?

Whether you've got the minimalist thing going on, you're a babin' boho beauty, or you're actually an intergalactic warrior goddess reporting for duty (as in, we hope holographic never stops having a moment), here are 9 ways you can go about channeling that inner scintillating style maven during the holidays.

1. Add Some Polish

The Fashion Girl's Guide to Holiday Wear
Brit + Co

A glimmering golden blazer lends polish to your LBD while still keeping it fun and fresh. New Year's inspo, anyone?

2. Say Yes to Tulle

The Fashion Girl's Guide to Holiday Wear

You'll look oh so Sex and the City in Carrie Bradshaw-esque pink tulle.

3. Infuse Some Boho Flavor

The Fashion Girl's Guide to Holiday Wear

As always, you can find us falling back on a little boho flavor to punch up an outfit in a laid-back yet luxurious way.

4. Mix It Up

The Fashion Girl's Guide to Holiday Wear

Mixing up casual and chic pieces, like a chambray button-down and worn-in leather jacket with a green sequined midi skirt, is unexpected, especially on New Year's or at any of the festive fetes and holiday gatherings you've surely RSVP'ed to.

And it's the perfect way to lend your outfit that air of careless cool-girl je ne sais quoi that is so highly spoken of among the fashion circuit and so rarely pulled off well. I mean, unless you're French, of course.

5. Streamline Your Look

The Fashion Girl's Guide to Holiday Wear
Pinterest/Daily Chic

Who says you've got to freeze your stems off in a flimsy little dress this year? Instead, focus on streamlining your 'fit – and look like a serious #GirlBoss in the process. Add a little sparkle on top if you'd like (gotta love that festive flair), but make sure your high-waisted trousers are perfectly tailored for a totally flawless look.

6. Go For Sophisticated Chic

The Fashion Girl's Guide to Holiday Wear

Looking to add a sense of sophisticated glam to your seasonal wardrobe? Try a pair of uber on-trend sequined pants with a sharp blazer and classic pointy-toe pumps. We won't say no to a glass of champagne or two, either.

7. You Can Never Go Wrong With Plaid

The Fashion Girl's Guide to Holiday Wear
Peace Love Shea

When in doubt, choose a color scheme, then mix it up with a new piece in that tried-and-true pattern. Plaid romper? Soft, perfectly worn-in burgundy jacket? Check, and check.

8. Make a Statement

The Fashion Girl's Guide to Holiday Wear
The Little Magpie

If not now, then when? Turn heads in eye-catching red, if that's your thing. When going for a bold sartorial statement, it's best to keep makeup and accessories neutral, though matching your lip color to your dress is the proverbial cherry on top here. (PS: Yes, cage heels are still a thing, and we're not mad about it.)

9. Work the Fringe

The Fashion Girl's Guide to Holiday Wear
Viva Luxury

If I had to take a wild guess, I'd say fringe isn't going anywhere fast, and I'm still loving that. When incorporated into a neutral color palette, it can freshen up an outfit real quick. Take some cues from the world of fashion blogging and mix and match  textures for a look that will take your style to the next level.