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Proof: A Bralette Top Doesn't Have to Be Skimpy

You don't have to show tons of skin to pull off this hot trend.

While there’s nothing wrong with a flirty hem or a pair of shorts that make your legs run a mile long, sometimes a girl craves a more modest touch to her outfit. Minis are playful and full of fun, but you experience a whole different vibe when you go for a more reserved summer look.

But as July chugs on, it only seems like hems are getting shorter and shorter and pieces become tinier and tinier. You pick up a hand-towel-sized skirt and wonder how you’re supposed to step outside of the house without getting arrested. Maybe that’s what makes it so fun- the element of danger? One of these pieces being the bralette top—I mean, this piece isn’t fooling anyone. It’s a bra and we all just collectively decided to pretend it’s a shirt. But when temps begin to reach triple digits and the air feels like you could take a long swim through it, wearing as little as possible is completely fine by me.

But how about the women that prefer a more unassuming style? What if you like to cover up a bit more and show just a hint of skin, and not the full shebang. What if you’re not a perfect size four and aren’t at the point where you’re able to show off your curves confidently? Does this mean you can’t dabble with these fun, skimpy little trends?

Oh you can, girl. If there is a will there is a way. All it takes is a little bit of clever styling and you can make any piece bend to your style. To prove it, below are four ways to style a bralette top modestly.

Pair It With Wide Leg Pants

When you have such an itty bitty top, finding a way to balance it out will be key. Tone down the scant coverage on top by pairing it with wide leg trousers or culotte pants, anchoring the look and dragging the eye downward and away from all the skin. Throw in thick strapped sandals to achieve the same goal and making it appear that you have more coverage, and add in a structured purse to give your outfit a sleek, sophisticated touch.

Proof: A Bralette Top Doesn't Have to Be Skimpy

Black topTopshop culotte shorts/ Old Navy white shoes / Loeffler Randall brown purse

Match It With A Full Skirt

Turn your bralette into a crop top of sorts by pairing it with a long, A-line skirt. The longer and fuller the skirt, the less intimidating the small top will be since it adds some much needed volume to your outfit. Continue the trend by choosing chunky sandals rather than delicate ones, as it will add some weight to your look and cancel out the skimpiness of the top.

Proof: A Bralette Top Doesn't Have to Be Skimpy

Black top / Delpozo full skirt / Alexander Wang shoes / MSGM genuine leather purse / Brixton panama hat

Use Your Layers

Sometimes a girl doesn’t want to be inundated with miles and miles of fabric. For days like that, put your outerwear layers to work to balance out your bralette top. For example, if you’re pairing your top with some patterned cigarette pants, top off the look with a duster vest so the only skin you’re showing is the little crop from your tummy. It immediately adds a sophisticated touch because of the blazer-like cut of the piece, but it’s still plenty playful and light enough for summer.

Proof: A Bralette Top Doesn't Have to Be Skimpy

Black top / Black crop pantsDr. Martens strap sandals / Loeffler Randall backpacks bag / Rag & Bone baseball cap

Layer It Underneath Pieces

Do you have a pair of overalls? How about a pinafore? Maybe a pair of high-waisted suspender pants? Give these pieces a youthful touch by popping a bralette top underneath, giving off a bouncy and full-of-fun vibe. It’d be unexpected to see a flash of tummy from underneath your overalls when you’re standing to the side, and the piece will keep you feeling cool when you’re underneath all that denim. Add in chunky heels to class it up or tennis shoes to keep it laid back, and tie the look together with a clean-cut messenger bag.

Proof: A Bralette Top Doesn't Have to Be Skimpy

Black top / Yoins overalls/ Restricted leather sandals / Madewell leather bag / Brixton hat