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7 Fashion Resolutions For The New Year

Let's pinky-swear to be brave this year.

With the new year comes obvious resolutions like "I'll eat less Cheetos," and "I'll stop spending all my money at Bed, Bath & Beyond," but there are also a couple of fashion resolutions peppered into there. And while you might have a list going already, I'd suggest to throw one more in there: Promise to be more brave with your style. And I'll tell you exactly how. Below are seven fashion resolutions for the new year, all of them prompting you to be a little more adventurous in 2016!

1. Pay Attention To The Details

This year, upgrade your closet by not buying a whole new wardrobe but by focusing on the details. You know how an old dress completely transforms into something fabulous with an interesting pair of shoes, or a well-worn-out thrift store dress turns into something sleek and chic with an addition of a clean-lined bag? That's exactly why you should focus on the details this year: Stock up on a couple of statement and well-made shoes and bags and hats to completely turn your old wardrobe around. 

2. Try Different Cuts - Even Those You Think Are Weird

In 2015 we saw a parade of new cuts and silhouettes, from high rise jeans, '70s flared pants, Katherine Hepburn-esque wide leg pants, to chic culottes - some of which you probably loved and some of which you were probably iffy about. This year, though, if new styles come out go ahead and try them all. Be brave - whether you take them home or just give them a go inside changing rooms, don't stick to your usual idea of "what looks good on you," but be open minded. Who knows, you might even find a favorite new look. 

3. Try Different Proportions

Instead of sticking to tried and true outfit formulas, this year make a resolution to break out of equations and try new proportions. Whether it's pairing long sweaters with long dresses, mixing wide leg trousers with baggy turtlenecks, matching thigh high boots with mini shift dresses, or popping tent dresses on top of cuffed jeans, try something unusual this year. Even if it's just in the safety of your bedroom while you're playing with your wardrobe - just give these new and interesting outfit ideas a go! 

4. Be Fearless With Textures

Let's do it: Let this year be the year we wear sequined skirts out to run errands, wear fur vests on top of overalls like we live in the '70s, strut in muppet-fur winter coats, and wear velvet fearlessly. It might feel circus-like at first, but like with anything new, you'll quickly get used to it. And I'm 95% sure you'll love it. 

5. Go Wild With Prints

There's no room for shyness this year - if you like a bold print, go all-in. Pair your florals with checkers, your plaids with leopard, your cameo with stripes, and your brocade with candy stripes. You'll be the coolest lookin' chick on the bus to work. 

6. Play With Accessories That Scare You

You'll never get used to a bold look if you never try it, so if you see a big pair of earrings or a super wide brimmed hat that has caught your fancy, don't hesitate and go for the gold. You know they look ah-mazing, so don't sell yourself short and pretend you can't pull them off. You definitely can!

7. Go All-In With Trends

Vow to make a statement this year. If you like a trend, go crazy with it. Pretend you work at Vogue, or are a streetstyle star, or are looked up to by hundreds of women because of your styling prowess, whatever you need to convince yourself you can so pull this off.

So this year, if you see a trend that's caught your interest, don't dabble but cannonball in. If you like sequins in January, find a way to wear a showstopper in the day. If you like the '70s trend, pop on the sheep-shag vest and wide brim hat like you belong in Woodstock, if you like the minimalist look, put your best culottes and Alexa-Chung-shoes forward. This year, let's vow not to be timid. Let's promise to run wild with our interests and our sparks of interest. Let's pinky-swear to have fun with it all.