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13 Tips On How To Wear Glitter All December Long (And Not Look Crazy)

Sometimes a Tuesday needs some pizzazz, right?

Glitter skirts and twinkling dresses aren't just reserved for midnight hours and martini glasses — who says you can't wear them while grocery shopping on a Tuesday, or grabbing hot chocolates with a girlfriend mid-afternoon? You might think that sequined number in your closet is only reserved for a handful of days in the year, but it's really easy to take something earmarked for evening wear and move it into the middle of the week. All it takes is some clever styling and dressing down. Below are 13 tips on how to wear glitter all December long!

1. Pair It With Stripes

Stripes are like the workhorse of every woman's wardrobe: The print seems to go with everything. Florals, polka dots, leopard print, dizzying patterns — the stripe seems to act like a neutral when paired with a busier, bolder counter part. Which makes it no surprise that it softens a sequined skirt right up and moves it into day-time hours. This works for two reasons: 1) The striped print is quintessentially casual, which makes the disco-ball skirt feel Monday appropriate, and 2) the print itself is thin and minimalist which helps tone down the busy skirt. 

2. Go Monochrome

Another great way to tone down a busy texture or print is to tame the color palette. If you have a sequined skirt you want to wear out to brunch but don't look like you're doing a trial-run for a holiday party, try pairing it with a sweater in the same hue family. Not only will the sweater give it an afternoon-feel, but the monochrome palette will soften the overall effect. 

3. Match It With A Sweatshirt 

Wearing sweats outside the house is no longer a taboo thing — if you want to fancy up your sweat pants just add heels, and if you want to kick up your sweatshirts up a notch just add glittery skirts. The super-casual top against the glitzy bottom creates for a fun, playful contrast. Now all you need is some white sneakers, and you're pretty much street style ready!

4. Try Adding Something Deconstructed

The name of the game here is to try to make your flashy piece as casual as possible, and what better way to do that than to add something deconstructed into the mix? Whether that's ripped pants, a skirt with a frayed hem, or a denim vest or jacket with tears, your New Year's Eve like pieces will feel casual when paired with something so laid back. 

5. Match It With A Puffer Vest

Usually reserved for running errands like posting mail or buying milk, a puffer vest isn't the first thing you would reach for when styling your sequined pants or skirts. That's what makes it so genius — if you pair it with a sleek turtleneck in the same color, the vest adds in a sporty but surprisingly elegant contrast to the flashy piece. 

6. Grab A Blazer

Blazers are amazing because they can both dress up and dress down an outfit, depending how you use them in a formula. If you have glitter pants you're intimidated by, try pairing them with a knit and a blazer in the same palette as the sequins, giving the look a polished but relaxed vibe. It's relaxed because of the knit and the low-key color scheme, but still elegant because of the cut of the blazer. 

7. Cargo Jackets And Beanies Are Your Friends

When styling evening wear for daytime you have to think out of the box, which leads to some fun and unexpected pairings. For example, when buying your sequined pencil skirt or glittery pants, did you ever think you'd be pairing them with a beanie? But if you match the midnight-appropriate piece in question with a crisp oxford shirt and then juxtapose it with a cargo jacket and beanie, the outfit is curiously perfect for an afternoon out. 

8. Throw In A Plaid Print

If you're a girl that likes minimum fuss when styling her pieces and doesn't feel comfortable layering and adding too many elements, try pairing your sequined bottoms with a casual plaid top instead. It's a one-step process, and it works perfectly because plaid is a traditional casual-wear piece and tones down the glitter effect. 

9. Layer Up To Tone It Down

But if you are comfortable layering, then use that to your advantage to dilute the disco effect of a sequined top. Try pairing it with a print in the same color pattern, then popping a well-tailored blazer on top to give it a low key but elegant touch. 

10. Play With Different Hues Of The Same Shade

Maybe you feel a little off going head to toe in one color, or don't have the pieces that would match your hue in question perfectly. For moments like those, try dabbling in the same color family as your sequined piece.

If you have glitter pants in an olive grey, you can go with lime shoes and a light green knit, playing in different shades but staying in one color. Or if you have a gold skirt, you can try rust colored shoes, a champagne sweater, and a peach belt, sticking close to a color but playing with its variations. 

11. Denim And White Tees Can't Steer You Wrong

If you're still not sure how to style your sequined piece, think of this trick: Build an outfit you'd wear around yoga pants, and then swap them out for your glittery garment. Usually during moments like those we reach for white tees, denim jackets, cargo vests, or soft knits...which all work hella well with a flashy number.

12. Make It Grunge

Sometimes all you need to do is move the piece in question into a new style all together to become comfortable working with it. If you can't help but still look at the sequined piece as "evening wear," bury it underneath a new look. Whether that's grunge like in this example, or preppy or bohemian, try working it into a new school of thought to make it feel daytime right. 

13. Chambray Shirts Never Fail

Chambray shirts are the ultimate basics: They'll match anything and everything you throw at them. Whether it's as something as simple as a pair or sweatpants or as something as unexpected as an evening gown, a chambray shirt will pair with it nicely. So if you have a sequined pair of pants or a skirt you want to tone down for day, your denim shirt will go with it effortlessly.