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How Not To Look Like A Boring Marshmallow This Winter

Tired of the same heavy sweaters and dumpy coats?

Winter is a wonderful time to flex your sartorial muscles what with the parade of sweaters at the ready and so many different scarves and hats to mix and match and choose from. But it can also have an opposite effect on us where we ditch all fashion and go into marshmallow mode instead, hiding underneath heavy layers and losing our sense of fun. But you can stay warm and stylish - you don't have to choose one or the other.

Instead you just have to use a couple of clever styling tricks to nudge yourself out of the rut and add some variety to your winter wardrobe. Below are 10 ways on how not to look like a boring marshmallow this winter - which ones are you going to try?

1. Use Bright Colors

Want to know the fastest way to completely change the sweaters you've been wearing over and over this winter? Pair them against a peppy, happy color. Whether it's a yellow midi skirt, a pair of chartreuse pants, or over a red dress, the vibrant kick of new color will make your knits feel almost brand new. 

2. Keep Your Accessories Hella Sharp

Once it gets super cold, we all leave fashion behind and instead go into survival mode. That's when the chunky sweaters are pulled out and are paired with long skirts or three pairs of pants - and while necessary, sometimes it doesn't make for the sleekest silhouette. To keep things looking sharp, pair your long, cozy layers with minimalist, clean-lined boots and purses, which adds a quiet polish to your look. 

3. Use Touches Of Fur

We all know that patterns and colors add interest to an outfit, but those elements aren't necessarily easy to come by when  looking for winter wear. The majority of it is a sea of black and grey, so how do you pep up such a neutral color palette? You add texture into it! Find a fur snood you can wrap around your neck or a chunky fur stole you can wear sideways to add some texture and interest to your everyday outfit. 

4. Dress Up Your Chunky Sweaters

Chunky sweaters aren't just to be paired with jeans and leggings - they have way more potential than just that. Instead, try pairing them with party skirts or on top of fancy dresses, letting the contrasts between cozy and fancy make for an interesting look. 

5. It's All About The Hats

An easy way to transform your winter look is to focus on upgrading to an eye-catching hat. You can ride the trend-train this year and nab a fur one (there's that texture element again!) or you can find a cheeky pompom one or a sleek and understated slouchy one. Hats come in all sorts of styles and colors, so don't be afraid to go with something loud - it'll add life to an old coat or change the feel of tried and true look. 

6. Let Your Pants Do The Talking

Just because it's winter doesn't mean patterned pants are to be packed away to spring - pair them with knits, instead! You'll be amazed how different your favorite turtleneck sweater looks paired with a polka dot pant rather than a pair of jeans. 

7. Stay Chic (And Warm!) With Leather Gloves

Winter is all about layering, but one move we forget about when piling on the clothes is gloves. If you have a pair of leather elbow gloves, they'll look amazing paired with a short-sleeve shirt or dress, not only adding an element of color and texture to your outfit, but old-school charm. 

8. Invest In Cropped Sweaters

You can avoid looking frumpy this winter by playing with the proportions of your outfits - not everything has to sit at your natural waist. Instead, add a couple of cropped sweaters to your rotation, allowing you to bring a youthful touch to more serious-feeling trousers, to long midi skirts, and can easily be popped on top of dresses. 

9. Knit Skirts Are Your Friends

Layering a thick sweater over a long skirt has a tendency to feel a tad, ah, Amish, but if you use a knit skirt the silhouette completely changes. The knit will be long and warm, but also clingy, which helps create smooth and clean lines that balance out the chunkier sweaters and scarves. 

10. Do The Half Tuck Trick

Sometimes you want to wear a sweater on top of a dress or paired with a long skirt and it just feels...wrong. The pairing is pretty, but you look like you've been swallowed by a duvet and it's just not working. In moments like those, try tucking half of the sweater into the waistband of your skirt (or if you have a dress, put a belt underneath the sweater and tuck them hem into that.) This little trick will raise the waistline of your outfit, which is usually what's dragging the outfit down, as well as give you an easy-going, cozy vibe.