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10 Ways To Wear Dresses And Still Stay Warm This Winter

Just because the wind is mean doesn't mean you're banished to pants.

When winter rolls round, a lot of decide it's time to live inside of Snuggies and a permanent parade of sweatpants and jeans, assuming skirts and dresses are to be put away till spring comes back a-knockin'. But that's not necessarily true - with a little bit of clever layering, you can actually wear dresses all winter long. If you don't want to be, don't be banished to pants! Here are 10 ways you can wear dresses all winter long and stay cozy and warm.

1. Add Warm Winter Elements

Whether you have a summer dress that you want to blend into the season, or a winter frock that could use some extra insulation, a great way to warm up your dresses is to add some warm winter accessories into the mix. That means drape fur stoles over your shifts, don't be scared to keep thick knit scarves wrapped around your neck, try adding texture to the look with a fur snood, or layer a fur vest over an airier dress. If you layer these elements over your dress, not only will you feel warmer when running outside, but you'll also make those summer-prone dresses more winter-appropriate. 

2. Layer Two Dresses Together

If you have one dress longer than the other, try layering them together to not only suit up but also combine two interesting textures or patterns together. Whether it's layering a long-sleeved dress underneath a sleeveless one, a full mini dress on top of a full midi dress, or layering a high-slitted shift (or tunic) on top of a pleated midi, combining two pieces to make one can yield some interesting looks. 

3. Add Some Serious Winter Boots

All you need to do is add some serious boots to your dress and you have yourself a serious winter outfit. Try pairing knee-high high heeled boots with maxi or midi dresses to get a fun contrasting vibe between tough boots and airy skirts. 

4. Layer Your Baggier Pieces Over Jeans

If you have tunic, babydoll, or tent dresses, don't wait till it's spring again to bust them out! Instead, try layering it over cuffed jeans to transform it into a loose fitting top, and then suit up with some knit scarves and chunky beanies to polish off the look. 

5. Layer Button Downs Underneath Short Sleeves 

If you have sleeveless or short-sleeved dresses, you can still wear them in winter without freezing. To layer up, try popping an oxford shirt or turtleneck underneath, keeping you cozy and stylish.

6. Treat It Like A Skirt

Another trick to layer up during the winter is to treat your dresses like skirts, where you could transform them by just adding a chambray shirt on top with a cozy cardigan to boot. 

7. Layer It Over A Sweatshirt

Strapless dresses could seem like they need to be in hiding till at least May, but if you're clever with layering you won't have to wait that long. Instead, try pairing them with clean-lined sweatshirts, popping the frock on top of the casual piece to add both warmth and laid-back, I-can-wear-this-dress-on-a-Wednesday vibes. 

8. Take Out Your Chunkiest Knit

One of the easiest layering moves you can do with your dresses is just grab your most favorite chunky sweater or thick turtleneck and pop it on top. Instant warmth and instant chicness. 

9. Layer A Sweatshirt Over It

This is not only great to add a snuggliness factor to your look, but to also let you wear your fancier pieces during a regular weekday. For example, if you have a dress with a sweeping or playful skirt, try pairing it with a sleek sweatshirt (not, like, one from your high school gym class) to instantly add a casual vibe to the look. You no longer will feel like you're about to stand up at a friend's wedding, but like you're ready to go grocery shopping. 

10. Take Out The Puffy Vests

When I think "puffy vests" I think of Bridget Jones skiing, but apparently they have more uses than just for bunny hills! For example, try layering them over a dress, cinching it at the waist, and either leaving it at that or adding a cargo or denim jacket on top to finish off the look. It's sporty but feminine, and adds an unexpected pop to your outfit.