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11 Things To Do While Everyone You Know Gets Engaged

You've got to do SOMETHING while all your friends get diamonds, right?

11 Things To Do While Everyone You Know Gets Engaged

Thanks to fun things like Facebook and mass texts, engagement news is all around us — whether it comes from a close friend or a friend of a friend of a friend that you met at doggie daycare. Sparkly ring pictures are freaking everywhere

While you're sincerely excited for everyone in the world who's gotten a diamond, if you're not engaged or hitched yourself, it's just a matter of time before you start to feel like you'll be the last unmarried person on Earth. And this isn't just a thing that happens to single people, who must feel this way x1000. It happens to girls in relationships too. They're the ones secretly hoping that every remotely romantic evening with their significant other ends with a ring because they've seen it happen 59,868 times on Facebook. Alas, no ringjust wine.

But enough of this sitting around feeling sorry for your ring-less self. Who wants to spend their free time pinning 345 Million Ways to Use Mason Jars At Your Wedding articles anyway? Instead, here are 11 things that are a far better use of your time and energy:

1. Take Up Photography and Go on Vacation

Then you too will have something exciting and beautiful to post on social media.

2. Look at Pictures of Your Friends' Kids on FB

Babies are cuter than diamonds, anyway.

3. Adopt a Pet

They'll love you unconditionally forever (but won't give you a ring either).

4. Update Your Wardrobe

Retail therapy is the best medicine.

5. Call Your Mom

She'll give you a pep talk about love and life and you'll feel better.

6. Call Anyone Who's Not Engaged

Even if that means resorting to your 5-year-old niece.

7. Find Epic Recipes on Pinterest

Forget pinning wedding tablescapes — you've got cookie dough dip in the works.

8. Binge Watch 'Orange is the New Black'

So you're not getting married, but at least you're not in prison.

9. Take a Break from Facebook

It's a preemptive move since you know one more engagement update will officially put you over the edge.

10. Celebrate Your Engaged Pals

If you can't get engaged like 'em, join 'em for celebratory cocktails.

11. Breathe and Remember Your Day Will Come

One day it will be your turn — and by then all of your friends who are engaged now will likely be married and starting a family. Knowing your luck, you'll wind up with 7 pregnant bridesmaids. Yay!