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Haylie Duff Dishes on Her New Show and How to Spice Up Your Snacks

The Real Girl's Kitchen host is traveling the country, cooking outside her kitchen and getting into some trouble along the way.

We caught up with actress, author and The Real Girl’s Kitchen host Haylie Duff, to chat about her new show Haylie's America, her collab with the #PhillyFlavors contest and everything cream cheese.

Livingly: How did the Real Girl's Kitchen originally evolve into a cooking show?

Haylie: It all started out as my blog and I met my agent Suzanne (who I love!), she had found my blog through Hello Giggles, another blog I was writing for, and she was like, “I feel like there’s something here. Do you wanna turn this blog into a book?” I was floored, I had never thought I would do anything like this in a million years and then I sold the book! And after that, we made a web series for an online network and we did a couple episodes to see if people would watch it or like it and shortly after that, Cooking Channel picked up the series it up from the webisodes were doing and here we are!

Can you tell us about your newLY ANNOUNCED show Haylie's America?

Haylie: I am so excited about it! It’s been quite a long time since new episodes have come out for The Real Girl’s Kitchen so I have been just chomping at the bits to announce the new show. The new series is a lot of the same things that you’ve grown to know The Real Girl’s Kitchen for, but just on a little bit different of a platform. We are traveling this year and I am cooking outside of my kitchen, which I find to be really fun. A lot of it is very free format so the episodes don’t really have a similar feel to them. When we get to each city, we’re just seeing where things take us and every episode tends to be a little different which is what I love about it and what I think will keep it interesting for people.

We have sort of been referring to the series as the Snapchat version of The Real Girl’s Kitchen, instead of polished and beautiful all the time its a little more rough around the edges and its a little more real which i think is really great and really fun. And I’m just really excited for people to see it!

Livingly: So are you snapping the whole thing?

Haylie: Yes, which I think is funny because unless you follow my snaps or anyone who works on the show, within that 24 hour period, you don’t see it. We’ve definitely been getting into a lots of trouble, especially in New Orleans - we were in a whole bunch of trouble down there - and I think it really comes through in the series. We’re sort of breaking most of the quote unquote “rules” of tv in a lot of ways. When we were in Austin, one of my camera guys Donny just reached in [the shot] to show me how to take the bones out of a chicken wing while we were filming. We’re just kinda trying new things and seeing what works and what feels good and I think that’s going to be what sets the series apart from what people are used to with The Real Girl’s Kitchen. We’re just trying to keep it fun and keep people interested it and make people want to travel and eat.

how did you get involved with the #PhillyFlavors #contest?

Haylie: I think at first when I heard about this contest and the opportunity to partner with Philadelphia Cream Cheese, I was excited about it before I really knew what it was because it’s a product I love and that I use all the time. So anytime I can partner with something I truly love and use, I am excited about it and this contest just sounded really fun. We’re asking people to send in their favorite ways to snack with Philly cream cheese and their unique combinations and what they’re pairing with what, and quite honestly for me, the wackier the better! I am looking for people to come up with really unique stuff, I am so excited to see what they send in and the top 3 finalists will get to come out here to NYC and we get to try all their snacks.

Livingly: Do you have a favorite of the flavors?

Haylie: Yes, I do for sure! I have literally eaten my weight in it today too. I really love their new one, the Philly Olive with Red Bell Pepper. For me, I love the savory flavors because there’s so many ways you can use them, on flatbreads or pita or on veggies in general. I will make turkey roll ups for Ryan as a snack with a little cream cheese because they’re low in sugar, which is great. I also really love the jalapeño flavor, I just tried it and we paired it with watermelon and it’s kind of next level, I’m not gonna lie.

Do you have any favorite cream cheeseY snack combos or recipes?

Haylie: My buffalo chicken dip - that’s all cream cheese in that recipe. That’s a really good example because it’s a great way for people to see it paired with meat and baked. And then I also love to whip it into my scrambled eggs in the morning.

Livingly: Because who doesn't love melted cream cheese?

Haylie: Amen!! I also love the veggie flavor spread on slices of cucumber, there is so much flavor - especially in the olive and veggie flavors - that you don’t need to add salt or pepper, you really don’t have to add anything to it. It’s even great when people show up unexpected to your house, you can just put it out with crackers or crudités and sprinkle fresh herbs on top and it looks so beautiful. And especially the olive flavor, looks like a homemade dish because there’s big chunks of olive in it, so it looks like you made it yourself.

I think happiness is what is really beautiful about a woman.

–Haylie Duff

At Livingly, we 'Live Life Beautifully' - What do you think makes a woman beautiful?

Haylie: My girl Steph is sitting here saying, “It’s the inside out!” And it is. I don’t know if it’s relative to my age or what’s going on [in the world] right now, but I think happiness is what is really beautiful about a woman. It tends to change someone’s face, when you see someone that’s happy it softens your face and does something different to you.

Share your favorite Philly flavor snack combo at phillyflavorscontest.com or by sharing a photo on Twitter or Instagram using #PhillyFlavors and #contest for your chance to win! And be sure to check out Philly on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more cream cheesey snacking ideas.