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A Detroit Florist Turned This Abandoned House Into an Incredible Floral Art Installation

You won't believe what $250, 30 florists, and 36,000 flowers can do to a rundown house.

When you're used to hearing about real estate in places like California and NYC, it's hard to imagine a house in ANY condition costing $250. But in Detroit, that's all it cost for Lisa Waud, a Pot & Box florist, to buy a rundown vacant house in Hamtramck and set her amazing vision for Flower House in motion.

From there, it took 30 floral artists and 36,000 flowers to turn the dilapidated home into a gorgeous flower museum of sorts. Flowers and plants covered all 17 rooms of the house, even the bathtub! Check out the Flower House in the video below — it's incredible!

The Flower House attracted over 2,000 visitors this weekend and proceeds from ticket sales will go toward dismantling the home and adjacent property to create a flower farm in its place. The structures from the home will be salvaged in the process (so they don't all go to the landfill). And as for those 36,000 flowers? They'll be used to start the farm's composting system.

Amazing, right?

Here's a shot of the house:

And take a look at images from the flower-ified property: