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These Are The 15 Best Essential Oils For Women

These are our favorite essential oils for women and how you can use them in your daily life.

Essential oils can be beneficial for everyone, but we’re especially big fans of them for women (maybe we’re just a little bit bias. Oops!). Aromatherapy has been around for centuries for the purpose of balancing the body and mind, but also for treating specific ailments or issues. Essential oils have been known to treat everything from anxiety and depression, to dandruff and bug bites, so I think it’s safe to say they’re like little miracles in a bottle. Even more so though, essential oils are about a general sense of well being, and we’re here for anything that’ll help women live their very best and healthiest lives.

There are many ways to use essential oils, in fact, they seem almost endless. From topical applications like creating infused lotions and serums, to using diffusers that distribute the fragrance within a room, to cleaning products for your home, there are so many ways essential oils can be put to use. And that also means there are so many ways women can integrate them in their lives, too.

Both physically and mentally, women can turn to essential oils to deliver whatever relief it is they crave. From simply inhaling lavender essential oil from the palms of your hand for an instantly calming sensation, to rubbing clary sage on your belly to alleviate painful cramps, essential oils should definitely be a part of every woman’s life. While every essential oil can bring benefits to your life, we do have some favorites when it comes to women.

Are you looking to bring essential oils into your daily life? We’ve got you covered, girl — here are our 15 favorite essential oils for women.


Frankincense, sometimes called olibanum, is an earthy essential oil that can be amazing for grounding yourself and reducing stress and anxiety, which let’s be real, is something we all need. It is also known to help with depression and act as a mood enhancer. For these benefits, add a few drops to a an essential oil diffuser, or simply inhale after rubbing a drop between your palms.

Frankincense essential oil is also used to support your immune system, which means it’s great to turn to at the first sign of an oncoming cold. It’s anti-inflammatory and great for combating bacteria, helping your body to heal and strengthen its immune system again. Some recommend ingesting a very small amount once a day, but please check with your healthcare provider before doing so.

Lastly, because of its anti-inflammatory properties, you can use frankincense essential oil with a carrier oil to apply to sore joints or muscles. Or, you can add a few drops to a hot and relaxing bath. 

Clary Sage

Clary sage seems like it’s an essential oil that was almost created for the benefit of women. This essential oil, whose name comes from the Latin word “clarus” which means “clear”, was once used for eye conditions, though now its benefits have a way broader reach.

The reason we love it for women is because it’s known to have hormone regulating properties, specifically for estrogen, and can also provide relief from uncomfortable menstrual symptoms. Next time you have cramps, rub a mixture of clary sage essential oil mixed with a carrier oil on your stomach. Women also love it for treating symptoms of menopause — everything from hot flashes to regulating your libido. This is a great essential oil for all women to have on hand.

Clary sage essential oil is also very calming to the nervous system and is believed to reduce convulsions and spasms. With that in mind, the essential oil will also help with nervousness and anxiety, and of course any sleeplessness that accompanies it. 

15 Best Essential Oils For Women

Tea Tree

Tea tree essential oil is simply amazing, and many think of it as a cure-all for all skin ailments. It has strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which makes it a favorite for treating acne too. Mix a few drops into your cleanser, moisturizer, or use as a spot treatment. Tea tree oil is potent stuff, so be careful about applying it directly onto your skin. The only time we think it's okay to use without a carrier oil, is when applying it to a pimple. That being said, if it burns or irritates your skin, you should definitely mix it with a carrier first.

Tea tree oil is also great for other skin infections, like athletes foot or fungal infections on your nails, as well as annoying dandruff and scalp irritation. For dandruff relief, just add a few drops to your shampoo! 

Think of tea tree oil as a cleaner, which means it can be used for both your body and your home. Whether you’re fighting a pesky rash or infection, or simply want to make a DIY all-purpose cleaner, tea tree oil is a great essential oil to have on hand.   

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Oh, lavender essential oil, how we love you so. This wonder serum can benefit you in so many ways, and it smells divine. First, we love lavender essential oil for its relaxing properties, and how even a few whiffs can totally change your mood and calm your mind. That means it’s great for any of you ladies who suffer from anxiety, or even have trouble falling asleep at night. With a carrier oil, rub some lavender essential oil onto your temples, behind your ears, on your inner wrists, or just the palm of your hands. 

Speaking of rubbing some lavender essential oil on your temples — the oil will do wonders for headaches and migraines. 

Lavender essential oil is also a great anti-inflammatory and helps calm the skin. Try adding a few drops to your moisturizer, potentially even in conjunction with tea tree oil. Whether you have acne or eczema, lavender is sue to provide some soothing relief. 

15 Best Essential Oils For Women

Ylang Ylang

Ylang ylang essential oil has a unique floral fragrance that is commonly used in perfumes. It may be a lesser known essential oil, but it is no less beneficial. It’s been known to act as a mood lifter and fight against depression, while also helping to lower blood pressure and cortisol.Since feeling happy and calm definitely plays a part in how you're feeling sexually, ylang ylang essential oil is also known to help boost libido and acts as a natural aphrodisiac. 

Ylang ylang is a great essential oil to use in a diffuser because it’ll give your space a beautiful smell, while also cultivating a sense of positivity. Or, dab a few drops where you would normally apply perfume for a seductive scent.

15 Best Essential Oils For Women


When you hear the word oregano you may think of the spice used in the kitchen, but it is also a powerful essential oil. Oregano essential oil has antibiotic and antioxidant properties, so it’s great for when you’re sick, and specifically for respiratory issues. When used for immune system support, it is typically taken orally. Or, you can add a few drops into a pot of hot water, and carefully place your face over and inhale the steam.

Oregano is a great antioxidant, and helps the body heal from damage caused by free radicals in your products or environment. Since oregano essential oil is much more concentrated than the fresh herb from which it comes, you need much less in order to reap the benefits. 

We like to think of oregano essential oil as your best friend for all cold and viral related problems. From a congested chest to an upset stomach, oregano essential oil helps you to never miss a beat.

15 Best Essential Oils For Women


Geranium essential oil is great for adrenal health, which is essential for women who suffer from adrenal fatigue — which occurs when the adrenal glands are exhausted and unable to produce proper amounts of hormones due to chronic stress. So if you’re someone who always feels tired and burnt out, geranium essential oil could be a huge help in your life. And the help doesn't just stop in your adrenal glands, as geranium essential oil is great for general hormone and endocrine support based on its balancing properties.

Women also love using geranium essential oil on their skin, with some even claiming it helps reduce signs of wrinkles. At the very least we know geranium essential oil is an anti-inflammatory and smells great, so go ahead and add a few drops to your face or body wash, or lotion — it definitely won't hurt.

15 Best Essential Oils For Women


Lemon is a favorite around the home, and for good reason! The scent is uplifting, and generally just gives you a fresh, clean feeling. We love adding lemon essential oil to a diffuser, especially on those days you really need to tackle that long to-do list. It’ll keep you energized and alert, while also keeping your anxiety levels down. Who knows, it may even allow you to take a pass on that second or third cup of coffee.

Lemon essential oil is also great for cleaning, and you can easily make your own cleaning solution to use at home. Whether you're cleaning your countertops or polishing wood, lemon essential oil is there for your everyday house cleaning needs.

And as for consumption, add a drop or two into a glass of water in the morning for a little extra zing.

15 Best Essential Oils For Women


Jasmine may be known as “the king of essential oils,” but we think it could just as easily be “the queen of essential oils” instead. This essential oil can be a little on the expensive side, but it may just be worth it once you hear its benefits. Jasmine essential oil has been used for centuries, often for skincare by those with dry skin or eczema, but also to reduce pain associated with pregnancy or childbirth. Now the essential oil is more commonly known as a mood lifter, anxiety reducer, and natural aphrodisiac.

Across many cultures, the jasmine flower has also had an association with romance and love, which is no surprise if you consider it's an aphrodisiac. This oil has a seductive scene and using jasmine essential oil should cherished as a very luxurious and special experience.

15 Best Essential Oils For Women


Orange essential oil is very versatile, and could be compared to lemon essential oil. This citrus-scented oil is overall uplifting and energizing, and can work across various seasons. Think about it — orange works great as a light summer scent, or mixed into a more rich winter aroma like frankincense. That’s why using orange essential oil in a diffuser is awesome, either on its own or mixed with other essential oils. Either way, the results will be mood-boosting and invigorating. 

Orange essential oil is also great for your immune system (think vitamin C), is an anti-bacterial, and helps with digestion (try rubbing some on your belly). This is a great oil for all women to have stashed in their back pockets.


Cypress essential oil is great for healing wounds and infections, so it’s definitely a must for mothers to have on hand. It’s an anti-bacterial and helps remove toxins, making it a favorite for liver function. Since oftentimes skin issues are caused by toxin build up coming to the surface, cypress essential oil can be helping for acne or rashes as well. 

Having a woodsy, evergreen scent, cypress essential oil is both energizing and grounding, making it a one stop shop for enhancing your mood. The freshness of the scent gives you a jolt of energy, while the earthy aroma helps you stay calm and collected. It's really the best of both worlds.

You can use cypress essential oil in a diffuser, or apply it topically with a carrier oil. It's known to be great for cramps, muscle strains, and even cellulite, so feel free to lather all over. 


Ginger is a common ingredient in the kitchen, but it’s also an awesome essential oil. First and foremost, ginger essential oil is amazing for all sorts of stomach and digestive issues, from nausea to indigestion. Next time you’re feeling queasy, take a sniff of the potent oil and see how your symptoms began to diminish and hopefully disappear altogether.

In addition, ginger essential oil can provide relief from menstrual cramps, headaches, and backaches, making it a great essential oil for women to turn to during that time of the month. The oil is also known to help improve circulation, and is frequently in blends used to treat arthritis, as well as muscle aches and pains. 


Another kitchen favorite turned essential oil, basil is an excellent oil for women. Basil essential oil is known for its mental benefits, acting somewhat as a stimulant for the mind so that you can conquer whatever tasks are on your list.  Because of this, we think it’s best used during the daytime, and probably should be avoided at night. That being said, even though it's stimulating, it does not cause anxiety, and can actually stimulate you in a more well-rounded and balanced way.

Basil essential oil is also amazing for when you feel a cold coming on because it's anti-bacterial and anti-viral. It's also an expectorant, which means it helps treat coughs and open your airways for easier breathing.

Others love basil essential oil for muscle aches. Try mixing a few drops in with a carrier oil and give your tired muscles a quick massage the next time you’re feeling sore.

15 Best Essential Oils For Women


This essential oil comes from the berries of a vitex, or chaste, tree that’s native to the Mediterranean (sometimes called chaste tree berry). Vitex essential oil, and vitex berry in general, is considered incredibly helpful to women, mainly for its hormone balancing benefits. Vitex essential oil also helps with production of progesterone, a natural-occurring hormone that regulates your menstrual cycle.

While it’s most commonly taken in pill form, the essential oil is still just as beneficial in liquid form. You can inhale it from a diffuser or cloth containing a few drops, or you can place a few drops (with a carrier oil) on your pulse points. Women love it for everything from PMS to infertility, menopause to acne. Yay vitex!


Ah, rose. A classic floral scent, rose essential oil has even more benefits than just its lovely aroma. Rose essential oil is an anti-inflammatory and is great for women with sensitive skin. It can help clear acne, hydrate skin, and soothe irritation all at once — and what could be better than that? You’ll notice that a lot of skincare products on the market contain rose, but you can easily make your own by adding a few drops to whatever products you already use.

Rose has long been associated with love and comfort, whether you have a bouquet of flowers on display in your home, or a rose quartz crystal next to your bed. Think of rose essential oil as carrying the same positive and loving energy.