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The 23 Best Essential Oil Diffusers To Buy In 2020

We rounded up the best essential oil diffusers on the market to get you started on your aromatherapy journey.

Chances are you’ve heard of or experienced the magic of essential oils at some point in your life, even if you didn’t fully realize it at the time. Imagine, for example, the feelings of total bliss and wellbeing after a luxurious spa experience. The scents of citrus and eucalyptus essential oils intertwine to leave you feeling both relaxed and rejuvenated. Because scent strongly influences the brain, especially when it comes to memory, the next time you take a big whiff of either essential oil, you’ll be reminded of how relaxed and blissed out you felt. So why not try to invoke that sensation for yourself next time you’re feeling stressed out or anxious?

Ever-popular lavender, tea tree oil, geranium, eucalyptus, ylang ylang — you name it, we’ve got it in our aromatherapy arsenal. Whether we’re talking elevating self-care rituals, turning an everyday bath or shower into an at-home spa experience, or simply dabbing a touch behind your ears and on the back of your neck for calming and centering purposes, we are fully on board the bandwagon. And the same goes for essential oil diffusers.

So how does an essential oil diffuser work? Diffusers quite literally disperse and release molecules of natural oils into the air to refresh the space. Not only do they make your home smell amazing, but they have mood-enhancing qualities, too, along with other important psychological benefits — although, they should never be used to replace a medical treatment.

With so many on the market, choosing the right diffuser can feel pretty overwhelming (which may or may not be why I’ve got more than one — whoops). That’s why we rounded up the best picks to start you on your aromatherapy journey. Ahead, the best essential oil diffusers to buy for the new year.

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1. Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

Why not opt for a handcrafted stone diffuser, like this one, that’ll double up as a stunning piece of decor? Vitruvi’s Stone Diffuser comes in two color options — black and white — with a matte ceramic finish that design aficionados won’t be able to help swooning over. Not only that, but its plastic water reservoir is BPA-free, and it comes with two run-time options; either three hours nonstop, or a whopping seven hours, with 30 second intervals. I’ve got this one myself in white, and let me just say how much I love it!

Plus, after tapping the co-founders of Vitruvi for their insight on essential oils, and how to use scent to live more mindfully every day, I can feel good about my decision to support the brand. (Learn more here.)  

$119, purchase here.

2. SpaRoom Halo Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser 

The best thing about SpaRoom's Halo Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser is that it provides up to five hours of continuous mist. How's that for a commitment to wellness and aromatherapy? 

This essential oil diffuser is white, but also has different color options, so you can always match the color to your mood. Or, if you can't decide, you can choose the rotating color mode — or no light at all! With a design this pretty and cool, you may just want to enjoy it as is. 

$30, purchase here.

3. InnoGear USB Car Essential Oil Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

Aromatherapy on the go? Yes, please! This mobile car diffuser from InnoGear fits in most cup holders, so that you can just plug it in and go. Long commute? No stress. Stuck in traffic? Take a big whiff. This little ultrasonic baby can also be hooked up to a laptop or computer via USB, so that you can easily and inconspicuously use it while at work, too. 

This super-affordable, portable car diffuser is 100% BPA free. It also has two modes: continuous mist — which lasts three hours — and 30 second intermittent mist — which last six hours. Looks like it's time to plan your next road trip!

$21.99, purchase here

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4. Young Living Essential Oils Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser

Okay, let’s talk about Young Living. The company started out as an organic farm and distillery back in 1993. Young Living was then created a year later. Fast forward to today, and the brand is one of the most popular wellness and aromatherapy brands on the market.

$254.86, purchase here.

5. URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser and Cool Mist Humidifier with LED Lights

According to TODAY, this cute aroma diffuser and humidifier is “perfect for small spaces like a bathroom, cubicle or kitchen.” So for those of us who make things work with small space living, it’s ideal — not to mention affordable! Plus, it’s got an adjustable mist mode, 7 color-changing LED light options, a night light, and automatic shut-off. Anyone else think it’s a little reminiscent of a lava lamp? I mean, I’d personally purchase it on that basis alone.

And, with over 28,000 reviews on Amazon (yes, you read that right — 28K!), it’s clear URPOWER is a popular choice. Reviewer BookBelle shared, “I am delighted with this diffuser. It came quickly, was packed securely and efficiently, with easy to open packaging. The specs say that it runs about 3 hours on the continuous setting (it can also run intermittently), but when filled completely, I've found it lasts through the night. I have it set on my nightstand and it's perfect for unwinding at bedtime (or with some sinus-clearing essential oils on a headache day.)”

$15.99, purchase here.

6. QUOOZ Lull Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

The uber-cool, almost futuristic design of this ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is a high selling point.So what makes it unique? The light settings can be set to your preferred brightness, or to “breathing mode”, which means it’ll light up gradually and then slowly fade back down. Pairs perfectly with self-care rituals, meditation, and some light at-home yoga — or just a glass of wine after work.

One Amazon reviewer shared, “I spent some time researching aromatherapy diffusers and the different types that were available. It wasn't an easy decision to make as there were many factors to consider...Do I want one that changes colors? Will I have the option of turning the light off when needed? requires a specific type of water? how often does it need to be cleaned? how often does it need to be cleaned?”

They continued: “Initially I was going to go for a less expensive diffuser (cost over looks) but I am glad I didn't as this device is aesthetically pleasing and well worth the extra coins. I read a lot of reviews (for days!) and decided to go with this one… From the moment I plugged in this diffuser I fell in love. I just watched the light cycle for at least an hour before I 'snapped' out of it.”

$49.95, purchase here.

7. June & May Essential Oil Diffuser

This Moroccan-inspired essential oil diffuser from Anthropologie is well worth the buy — even just for its aesthetically pleasing design, if you ask us! With “whisper-quiet operation” and a magical array of color-changing LED lights, what’s not to love about this cute little diffuser? It’ll fit right into a boho-luxe bedroom or cozy nook, no questions asked.

One reviewer said, “This thing is amazing. So cute and quiet!” We’re inclined to agree — the June & May essential oil diffuser makes for a simple, affordable, and great purchase to up your self-care and wellness game without sacrificing style. Pairs well with pine, sandalwood, vetiver, and other woodsy scents, essential oils and blends.

$45, purchase here.

8. Anthropology Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

 We love a pretty essential oil diffuser, and this one from Anthropology hits it out of the park. As the name suggests, the diffuser uses ultrasonic vibrations, whereas older diffusers use a heating method that can sacrifice the quality of the oils. 

With its gorgeous ceramic design, this ultrasonic oil diffuser can be used pretty much anywhere in your home. I mean, it's basically a work of art. We think it would be amazing in your living room or bedroom, but really any room would do.

$36, purchase here.

9. Pilgrim Zoe Essential Oil Diffuser

Another visually pleasing option from Anthropologie (no surprises there!), this modern, round essential oil diffuser from Pilgrim Collection is handcrafted from oak wood and ceramic. Its ultrasonic technology ensures premium essential oils stay pure as they’re diffused into the air in your home. It’s safe, BPA-free, and easy to use — and we’ve got no complaints.

With a 6-hour continuous run time, the purchase of this chic diffuser is worth it. It also functions as a light (no colors) with different dim option. This diffuser will set the food for a cocktail hour, movie night, or a meditation session.

$120, purchase here.

10. MOGU Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser Speaker

Now we’re talking! The aromatherapy diffuser and speaker from MOGU will undoubtedly serve to keep things fresh in your home space, both when it comes to scent and music. Ultra-sensory vibes, much? This cute and colorful hybrid device comes with Bluetooth capability, an array of multicolored lights, and an automatic timer with 1, 3, and 5-hour intervals. Not to mention it’s one of the more affordable options on this list!

Try it out with the lavender essential oil it comes with, or a blend of jasmine, vanilla, and ylang-ylang, along with your favorite chill tunes, to usher in a good night’s rest. Alternately, add a couple drops of peppermint or eucalyptus and a pump-up playlist to give yourself a quick boost of energy.

$59.90, purchase here.

11. Moon Essential Oil Diffuser

Um, how cool is this moon essential oil diffuser? Though the diffuser itself is pretty straightforward, the design is far from it. This is perfect for any lover of the night sky.

The moon essential oil diffuser also has color settings, but unlike other diffusers on the list, the colors are very subtle. Rather than the whole diffuser being hot pink, it'll look as if the moon as a soft pink shadow cast upon it. It's really quite gorgeous.

$69, purchase here.

12. BAMBU Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

The ultrasonic BAMBU diffuser has a handcrafted, naturally-inspired bamboo design, with a unique interchangeable lid. Swap out the natural bamboo lid for a glass one to really play up the LED lights. Not only is this essential oil diffuser aesthetically on point for those who love a modern rustic touch in their home decor, but it’s ultra-quiet, meaning you can leave it on as you fall asleep. Features include automatic shut-off mode, an optional nightlight effect with one color or multiple for a beautiful rainbow effect, the above-mentioned bonus, interchangeable glass lid, and a continuous run time of up to 8 hours. We love it! 

$95, purchase here.

13. Young Living Desert Mist Ultrasonic Diffuser

Another one from Young Living! You could definitely mistake their new Desert Mist diffuser for an ultra-chic and elegant vase, and they know it. The custom-designed, Moroccan-inspired aroma diffuser is also a humidifier and atomizer, with three modes — high, low, and intermittent — that disperse natural scents from your favorite essential oils at different intervals, with an expected run time of up to 10 hours. Plus, it’s got 10 different color-changing LED light options, including one that appears to flicker like candle light, for maximum chill vibes. So cute! You name it, this little baby’s got it. 

The Desert Mist diffuser comes with complementary peppermint and sandalwood oils, along with the Joy and Gathering essential oil blends from Young Living.

$63.75, purchase here.

14. Secret Garden Essential Oil Diffuser and Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Humidifier

This premium, floral-design oil diffuser from Secret Garden is aptly named. It’s got adjustable mist modes and a continuous run time of up to 10 hours. Plus, its multiple light settings provide an entire spectrum of color-changing lights, including white, “candle light”, and the option to turn all lights off.

One Amazon reviewer shared, “I have owned previous diffusers before from different brands but this one so far takes the cake. It has the 1,3,6 hour gauge which is great when you want to diffuse for a certain amount of time. I LOVE the fact you can change the light colors to set up a nice atmosphere as well as how quiet it is! It has a nice intricate design which I have received several compliments on. It is VERY easy to use and requires very minimal maintenance to clean so far... I used 6 drops of an oil blend with 250mL and I feel the potency of the machine is better than some other expensive brands I have used in the past. Excellent Product!”

$44.99, purchase here

15. Airomé Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser in Home Sweet Home

This ceramic diffuser comes in a range of options. We’d go for the “Home Sweet Home” just to up the kitschy-cute factor, but there are tons more to choose from: Second and third picks would have to be the Frosted Glass and Galaxy styles. With two mist modes and seven LED light color options, this fun little diffuser would make a perfect gift for your mom, sister, or best friend.

One Amazon reviewer shared, “This little machine is the bomb. QUALITY. Runs 24 hours, indicator lights so it's easy to use and you can see what you're selecting, unlike others that just have buttons that you press once, twice, and then hope for the best. Don't waste your money on cheaper ones, this is worth the price.”

Can’t argue with that.

$24.99, purchase here.

16. PureSpa Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser, 6.4" 

Compact, cute, and BPA-free, the PureSpa aromatherapy oil diffuser is the perfect alternative to the toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrances we often unknowingly purchase in candles and other at-home deodorizing sprays. Add a couple drops of lemon, orange, or geranium essential oils to this little machine and you’re good to go! The PureSpa also functions as a humidifier — ideal for dry and cold winter months — and is said to “help relieve stress, reduce headaches, increase concentration, contribute to more restful sleep, ease cold and flu symptoms and alleviate allergies.”  

$39.99, purchase here.

17. SERENE HOUSE Ranger Essential Oil Diffuser

The first thing that catches our eye about this essential oil diffuser is the design. Though it's simple, it stands out with the squared-off shape, since most diffusers have more rounded edges and tear drop designs. 

Though the SERENE HOUSE Ranger Essential Oil Diffuser is compact, it has a three hour continuous run time and a six hour intermittent run time, making it just as powerful as some of the other larger diffusers on this list. We just love the millennial pink too.

$25, purchase here.

18. 3D LED Gala Essential Oil Diffuser

Calling all witches! This holographic crystal ball diffuser and humidifier is definitely on our collective wish list. Featuring ultrasonic technology, timer controls, different diffusion modes, 3D effects, and 14 (!) different color-changing LED light options to set the ultimate ambiance. Is there anything this gorgeous diffuser can’t do?

One reviewer straight-up called it, “Quite Possibly The Best Thing On This Website.”

“This. Is Everything,” they continued. “Nothing more, nothing less.”

Oh, and did we mention that its run time lasts up to a continuous 12 hours without need of a refill? Yeah, you’re going to want to add to cart ASAP. Try this little baby out with jasmine, vanilla, rose, bergamot, and other calming scents.

$65, purchase here.

19. Pottery Barn Fountain Diffuser

This ultra-chic aroma diffuser from Pottery Barn features 7 color-changing LED light options, a continuous run time of 4 hours, or 8 intermittently, and automatic shut-off once the water reservoir is empty. Plus, the imported design has got edgy-cool written all over it. 

Add a couple drops of frankincense to break this baby in, and envelop yourself in sensations of calm, relaxation, and overall wellbeing. Who could resist? 

$49, purchase here.

20. ASAWASA Essential Oil Diffuser

Who said essential oil diffusers have to be modern or simple in design? Some people want some detail! This ASAWASA Essential Oil Diffuser has a gorgeous hummingbird and flower design with a wood base, and it's giving us such good, relaxing vibes. 

If hummingbirds aren't your thing, the diffuser comes in a ton of other designs including a butterfly, an owl, a tree, dream catchers, and more. Not only that, but there are seven color led light options that come in both bright and dim, making this a truly versatile diffuser. With all the options and customizations, we think this ASAWASA essential oil diffuser would make for an excellent gift. 

$28.99, purchase here.

21. Objects Within White Tear Drop Diffuser

This Tear Drop Diffuser from Objects Within looks like a graceful crane — and we love it. An ultrasonic diffuser with a smooth porcelain cover, this diffuser is as chic and classy as it gets. It is designed by interior designer Lindsay Goddard, and the dedication to aesthetic really shows. 

To use it, simply remove the cover and fill with water, then add 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oils. After that, all you need to do is set your time setting, and prepare to have your house look, smell, and feel amazing.

$129, purchase here.

22. Objecto Aroma Diffuser

With a light-colored wood cover, this essential diffuser is perfect for those with a bohemian style home. Made by New York City-based Objecto, the company prides themselves on their design, drawing inspiration from the world around them.

The Aroma Diffuser is silent and requires only a little water, which makes using it pretty much as easy as it gets. The diffuser also comes in dark wood and white wood, so they will truly match any interior design color scheme. 

$69.99, purchase here.

23. Saje Aroma Om®

As with all these amazing essential oil diffusers, the Aroma Om® from Saje humidifies the air with essential oil-infused steam that has the power to improve your overall wellbeing. Using their heat-free system, your essential oils will contain their full integrity, and in turn, their full healing powers. 

It has a textured ceramic cover and a completely optional LED light feature, because sometimes you want to enjoy the design all on its own.  With the Aroma Om®, you'll enjoy three hours of continuous flow and six hours of intermittent steam. 

$92, purchase here.