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Dating Dealbreaker: Guylights

Dating Dealbreaker: Guylights
Who has the better dye job, Katie Price or fiance Leandro Penna? (PacificCoastNews)

Dating Dealbreaker: Guylights
Oh Dawson, consider yourself lucky. (Quickmeme.com)
A recent (and hilarious) crying Dawson meme reminded us of a time when frosted tips were all the rage. Pretty sure we have Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath and a teenage Justin Timberlake to thank for spreading the bleach-abuse to MTV's TRL generation. And although it might seem like that fad is even more distant of a memory than, say, O-town, it's actually recently been newly reborn as... guylights.

That's right ladies, we're no longer the only ones who owe our multidimensional hair color to expensive foil treatments. The boys have gotten in on the action, too. Done right, we wouldn't blink twice (at least not on account of the hair). But done wrong? Fellas, you risk a girl being more interested in getting your hairdresser's phone number than yours.

So as a general rule, if your hair elicits a, "hmm maybe the sun did it," a la David Beckham, keep on keeping on. But if you can count the array of highlights and lowlights in your spiked (and presumably overly styled) 'do, we implore you to put down the peroxide and leave well enough alone.

Alex Pettyfer at The Grove
Hmm, maybe these highlights were a mistake. (Pacific Coast News)more pics »
Tell us, are guylights a do or a don't? 

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