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10 Signs Your Relationship Is Turning Serious

Is this the real deal or are you just getting comfortable?

Once you’ve weeded through all those dating apps or hit up the bar scene enough, you finally meet someone worthy of more than just a two or three dates. You start spending more time together, feeling pretty secure in what you have with them, and there’s definitely movement forward. But is it turning serious or are you just getting comfortable because they’re always around? Here are 10 signs that your relationship is moving to the next level, so get ready.

1.You no longer feel like you need to entertain them. 

In the beginning stages of a relationship, you always feel like you have to entertain the person you’re dating. You’re always on, show your best self, and it’s a little exhausting. Once things start getting serious, it’s easier to relax and not feel like you’re constantly having to entertain them with all you awesomeness ― they already know how great you are.

10 Signs Your Relationship Is Turning Serious

2. You’re cool with them seeing you in your granny panties.

True story: All women have a least one pair of granny panties, whether it’s for the comfort factor or when they have their period. It’s when you don’t stop mid-hooking up to change into your sexy skivvies that you know things are changing.

3. You don’t really make dates anymore.

You’ve reached a point where you know when you’ll be together, what days you’ll spend with friends, and pretty much each other’s exact schedules all the way down to what time they go for their afternoon coffee break.

4. Watching Netflix together is no longer code for sex.

10 Signs Your Relationship Is Turning Serious

Remember when “Wanna come over and watch Netflix?” was code for, “Wanna come over and bang all night?” Well, once it’s serious you can put it out there you want to get it on all night without having to hide behind code.

5. You no longer play games.

Not only do you no longer speak in code, but you also both quit waiting an allotted amount of time to return a call or text. Waiting and playing the whole “I’m so unattainable” game is a thing of the past.

6. When you think about future plans, you see your partner in them.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas plans for this year, or where to go for Memorial Day next year, you just see them in those plans. You even make plans further down the road than next year. In fact, you may have already been discussing a five-year plan together.

7. You’re ready to meet each other’s families.

10 Signs Your Relationship Is Turning Serious

Not only are you ready, but you’re also both prepared to accept all the quirkiness and family drama that’s going to come with it.

8. You have adorable pet names for each other.

From “baby, “ to “poopy head,” to “lovey cakes," you’re officially one of those couples who annoy others with your cute names for each other. But, hey, things are getting legit, so that’s what happens.

9. You can leave stuff at their place without it being weird.

At first you’d leave things behind accidentally, then it was a test to see how they’d respond, and now you show up with bags of stuff to leave there, including things like tampons and party-liners. The best part? They love seeing your tampons in their bathroom.

10. You’ve dropped the L-word (or are about to.)

10 Signs Your Relationship Is Turning Serious

With the seriousness of your relationship, come all those feelings and emotions, which, of course, leads to the L-word. Nothing says things are evolving quite like knowing you’re in love and being able to say it out loud ― and shouting it from the tallest building, naturally.