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Why It's Actually Awesome To Be Single During the Holidays

'Tis the season to fly solo.

Why It's Actually Awesome Being Single During the Holidays

There are plenty of unique and awkward challenges that present themselves when you’re flying solo during the holiday season, but these are not them.

You don’t have to worry about introducing anyone to your crazy relatives.

Why It's Actually Awesome Being Single During the Holidays

Or in turn, stress out over how you’re going to come across at that monumental meet-and-greet with the new S.O.’s totally neurotic mother.

No awkward Christmas photos to be taken this year… if you’re lucky.

Unless your family is one of those, in which case good luck and may the spirit of Father Christmas be with you. Or something like that.

You’re definitely going on the nice list after all the crazy you’ve already put up with this holiday season. And it ain’t even Christmas yet!

No need to stress over finding the perfect gift for your S.O.

Go on, spoil yourself – all in the name of the holiday spirit! Spend the money you saved on more presents (re: booze) for Y-O-U.

No need to compromise, either.

Why It's Actually Awesome Being Single During the Holidays

The struggle over deciding which family to jet off and visit during the holidays? Gone. Stick with your nearest and dearest, ignore the pressing questions about when you’re going to finally settle down and find yourself a husband, and pour yourself another glass of that Pinot Noir, babe. You deserve it.

There will be no judgment for sobbing into your popcorn after watching The Family Stone for the millionth time.

Why It's Actually Awesome Being Single During the Holidays

What? I can’t be the only one who does this.

You finally have the time to donate, volunteer, and/or give back in a more meaningful way this year.

Those in need are still in need, whether your dating life is permanently stuck in “It’s Complicated” mode or not. Reach out to spread some real holiday cheer by helping those in need, and suddenly your problems don’t seem quite so gargantuan. No?

You can create all the new traditions you want for yourself.

Take a bubble bath on Christmas Eve. Indulge in a fancy Christmas dinner for one – or don’t. Spend all the time you want with your friends and family. Do whatever makes you and your loved ones feel good – because ultimately, and cheesiness factor aside, that’s what the holidays are really supposed to be about. Am I right or am I right?

There’s so much magic in the air.

Why It's Actually Awesome Being Single During the Holidays

And a sense of potential, and sparkling lights, and snow if you’re lucky (because who doesn’t want a white Christmas, said the Californian), and also really bad Christmas music but hey, nothing’s perfect.