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Love vs. Lust: The Difference Between The Woman He Lusts For And The Woman He Loves

Here are 24 examples of differences between the woman he lusts for and the woman he loves.


Love and lust — what’s the difference? While on one hand the difference between the two may seem obvious, the reality is it’s actually not always so clear cut. It can be a fine line between feelings of adoration and ones of sexual lust, especially since sex can be a totally normal component of a relationship rooted in love. 

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, lust is defined as "unusually intense or unbridled sexual desire" as well as "an intense longing." While those things can be a part of love, love tends to be more personal and emotional than that. Love is about devotion and adoration, rather than just a sexual desire. To put it simply: love is about more than just sex.

Now, let’s tie this in to how it may relate to you and your relationships. If you’ve ever been with a guy, whether in a committed relationship or just as a hookup, you know that love and lust certainly come into play. While we recognize that not all men are the same, and that there are many different factors that can affect a relationship, there are some generalizations that we can make. 

Ever thought about the differences between love and lust? Sometimes we have carnal desires, other times, we yearn for an emotional connection. But, what the hell does it all mean to men? We may have a pretty good idea. From "she's the one" to a casual romp in bed, here are the 24 examples of differences between the woman he just lusts for and the woman he loves. 

1. LUST is his late night booty call
If he wants to get lucky after a night out with his friends, he has someone to booty call.

2. LOVE he'll make sacrifices for
That means ditching the guys to spend time with his missis and doing things that he wouldn't normally want to do. Because, well, he loves her.

3. LUST means the woman can do whatever she wants
In a no strings attached kinda thing, he doesn't need to worry about how she's doing or what's she's up to. They may not talk for one week, one month - it's whatever-whenever.

4. LOVE means she makes him get worried
The more he falls for her the more he wants to protect her. If she doesn't call or isn't responding to his texts, no doubt, he'll show concern. And jealousy? Don't even.

5. LUST means "just for fun"
"Never say no" is the motto. If he's offered sex, he'll take it. Trust us, we know what we're talking about (it's in Murphy's Law On Sex).

6. LOVES means she's special
He always has a big cheesy grin on his face when he introduces her to new people and he'll make sure they all know her name. Why? Because he wants them to appreciate her as much as he does.

7. LUST means casual sex
For him this can be GREAT. Especially if he's busy with studying or his career. No emotions, no money, and ZERO investment. Not a bad deal, eh?

8. LOVE means surprises
When a guy's in love he likes to make her happy any way he can. Nothing is more gratifying than making your girl smile. Whether it's through surprises big or small, he loves to keep you excited and into the relationship. 

9. LUST means no lingering
After sex, there's no other reason for her to stick around. Cuddling? After-sex chat? No way.

10. LOVE means leaving her things at his place
He doesn't mind evidence of your existence at his place — in fact, the reminders of you make him happy. 

11. LUST means it's always casual 

For guys, casual sex is casual sex — nothing more and nothing less.

12. LOVE means screwing up and learning from mistakes
We all screw up. ​But the thing is, it's important for both partners to communicate and learn and evolve. Love means there's a learning process for both of you to understand each other's love language and there's bound to be bumps in the road. 

Love vs. Lust: The Difference Between The Woman He Sleeps With And The Woman He Loves

13. LUST means she doesn't need to be his type
In other words, they don't have to have similar interests or share the same outlook on life. It doesn't matter because it's really just about sex.

14. LOVE means she's his dream girl
He thinks she's the hottest thing in town. In his eyes, she is perfect.

15. LUST means it's only physical
There isn't anything deeper there and there may never be. 

16. LOVE means open communication 

Both parties know their worth and are up for the challenge of communicating and making sure needs are met on both sides. 

17. LUST means it could be over as fast as it started

There's no obligations or plans for the future. It's in the moment and when it's convenient.  

18. LOVE means she drives him crazy (in a BIG way)

This guy is so high on love that when they're together he can't keep his hands off her. Hugs, kisses, PDA? He. Wants. It. All.

19. LUST is temporary
In time, he'll lose interest and find a new f*ck buddy. That's just the way it goes. It's all about physical gratification not emotional mumbo-jumbo.

20. LOVE is his future
He can't imagine life without her. Wherever she is, is home.

21. LUST stays on the surface
The conversations he has with the woman he sleeps with aren't very deep. It's just about sex, after all. 

22. LOVE goes deep
He asks questions and wants to know all about her, even the stuff that some may find boring.

23. LUST means she only exists in one of his worlds
She hasn't met all of his friends, and certainly not his family. He keeps her in only one area of his life.

24. LOVE means she knows his family and friends
He wants everyone to meet her, and he wants her to be a part of every aspect of his life.


Published by Vivian KELLY